False political election year calendar 2014


From now until the day after the second round of the presidential election will find on this blog :
– More articles about polls and discussions applied
– Less articles of analysis and theoretical discussions (eg That would be the last ) .

There is not much time until the elections – Euro or presidential . Already reduces theoretical importance, the strategic plan in the foreground disappears temporarily for tactical plan . With each passing day the options available to key actors narrows a little longer . Election pressure eliminates cravings building serious long-term solutions for timely, effective short term . Which is not necessarily bad , but it’s a state of affairs that must be taken into account.

Here are false political calendar that I promised in the title …

May 25 evening. All political parties are self- praises for the very good results obtained in heavy and difficult , low attendance and low interest .

May 26. All political parties are criticized in the media of all kinds for the results of the Euro . Cumulative reading all the articles , would conclude that virtually all have failed electoral targets .
Some people find that amount PNL + PDL + PMP + FC + NR + + UDMR PNŢCD score is higher than USD and open the champagne reserved for the day of death Iliescu.
Other people discover that ardent Facebook fans a camp or another put a comma between subject and predicate . This comma becomes , in fact , the symbol discussions about politics . Fashion spreads .

June . Negotiations for the unification of the line applications . Negotiations are so fast that everyone rubs his eyes , wondering if somehow dreaming or not they actually continued in secret and ‘ we do not know ‘ .
Disappears into nothingness a candidate of the right and released two .
Someone decides not to run , so that it will be in the form of rumor immediately admitted as public confidence in an interview only through 2015.
The release candidate is proposing miracle , quasi – sacred and anti -election ( Liiceanu, Rebenciuc Patriarch , Banica Junior , Nadia Comaneci , Caramitru Gica Hagi Locksmith – ” Right attack and marks ” ) . People playful mischievous but I propose Emil Constantinescu ” be entitled to a warrant, won the elections in ’96 so it has experience, is by- escu …”

July . Holidays , there’s so much to elections.
The hatch plans laboratories.

August . Holidays , there’s so much to elections.
Plans laboratories are thrown away , the air conditioning was broken and they all hatched .

September. Launch multiple applications ( possible examples : ” Christian ” pro- kaghe … um , pro- Russian , gentle nutty , nutty nuts ; politician – that – still – lives – wow – thought – that – died a well-intentioned but Uncle who does not know anything ; Romanian diaspora , business man you never heard of again , Vadim ; # uniţisalvăm ; candidacy – Sensational – What – Makes – Fas – But – What – About – a – Day – Tell All – World , etc).
In addition to applications in the previous paragraph : a serious candidate withdraws , there seems to be another new candidate . A third campaign is entering a perfect storm , shortage of human resources, material resources and imagination , but – hard – the story continues .
He threw two bombs Press the kind of quasi – revelations that creates great excitement when issued but are historically significant.
It fueled rumors of illness, serious flaws and dark events in the life of the top two candidates in the polls.
On Facebook there are several sentences that have a comma between subject and predicate sentences than things do not stay that way.

October. Posters appear everywhere, on which occasion it is discovered that the campaign started .
Ponta ‘s messages are : Stability – Family – # josBăsescu – traditions – patriotism – empathy. PSD Logo is nowhere . Spending serious newspapers out colossal amounts of ink trying to explain non – Romanian readers candidate that’s left.
Other campaigns talk about the fight against corruption and the personal qualities of the candidates. There is a pleasant surprise , clean and positive . Disappearing few castles of cards .
In concrete plan , all candidates main parties say many things without huge rallies effect .
Traian Basescu wants to move some percent to an interview at B1, but it comes out half .
On Facebook all sentences have a comma between subject and predicate . On the other hand there are not so many sentences , everything is flooded in Photoshop image – ate hideous , coarse , with much hatred and nehazoase .

November 2. Tour one surprise everyone in that place so early ( ” well, it was in December ? ” ) .
The result is unsurprising , between second and third are more than 5 percent which was indicated by almost all pre-election polls .
Surprise least vote in anger, mocking , rejection of the political class ( … since you ‘re reading this now , I would have to surprise you … ) .
Facebook put a comma after each word .

November 3 to 9 . Remaining two candidates . The chances are not equal and that everyone knows the second one.
Calculations non -stop, made ​​amateurish subjective under the sway of the moment. Which is a shame.
Nation dosed 4 surveys per day. All are treated as false . Everyone has them , in fact, very seriously.
About ten million Romanian citizens argue creepy with a relative, friend or colleague because elections.
Manipulation appears absurd , laughable , habarnistă . Runs only the core of one of the two electorates that candidates in the runoff .
Maximum torque of conspiratorial excitement ( ” I say I have SRI reptilians understand CIA and Freemasons against Bilderberg ‘s , Ponta lose , you’ll see ! ” ” Nonsense , SIE and MI6 had struck a deal with Venusians Illuminati the GRU , you know nothing , Ponta wins ” ) .
Colossal wave of messages, SMS, and viral videos on ” You saved the country from the domination PSD ! ”
The 2004 elections are invoked every political discussion , every talk show , every two or three newspaper articles.
It is rumored that Putin gave Ponta Moldova, Transylvania , Romanian State , Dobrogea and Banat or any four of these historical provinces . It is rumored that Dragnea ‘s FSB colonel . It is rumored that Ponta will take Romania out of NATO , EU and UN . It is rumored that Ponta stole 531 trillion from the state budget .
About rival is rumored similar or more serious things . Beat the drum than a so-called rescue deal Traian Basescu in prison. Ponta actually struggling with Basescu. Incumbent will have the choice to go public with a statement / interview or not. Option actually there :) That moment will be seen later as crucial , who tipped the scales decisively .
All propositions about politics on Facebook contain not only a comma between the words but three exclamation marks .

November 10 to 15 . The first videos of the miners of 1990 ( ” Who votes Ponta miners vote ” ) . Latest Videos of Ponta about Basescu.
Two bombs explode gigantic release, which are kept in the drawer since the summer . Cancel each other.
The final debate is between Traian Basescu and Victor Ponta , opposition candidate in the runoff with the task of filling ceşcuţele coffee and wash ashtrays . The moderator is CTP . All the polls show that after the final debate , according to viewers , CTP won the debate.
Facebook no longer write sentences , but only exclamation marks .

Sample question :

PontaEsteCelMaiBunnn ! ! !
LuptămContraComuniştilorJosPOntaIaMânaJavrăDePeNeamulRomînesc : ! ! ! ! !
PontaEsteCelMaiBunnn ! ! ! ! !
LuptămContraComuniştilorJosPOntaIaMânaJavrăDePeNeamulRomînesc : !

November 16 morning . The hundreds of sites Facebook wall is found traditional greeting on election day ( ” But would God be earthquake, flood and hail in areas where voters live human that do not vote ” ) .
Large presence in the south and Moldavia morning . Dragnea 17 is referred to thousands of times per minute.
Hours for non – sociologists annoying when there is no exit polls and everyone talks about rain and snow Arad Bukovina , and brains just trying to meteopsihologia vote in adverse climatic conditions .

November 16 afternoon . In all breweries discussing exit polls . Romania was born statistician !
All your acquaintances tell you about one of them knew that I was going to go to vote , and yet he went.
Dragnea is mentioned 170 thousand times per minute.
Sebastian Lăzăroiu take Mirel Palada likes mountains and swearing carts with one status each.
A campaign is on Facebook , Twitter and SMS messages like ” All is not lost , not yield , we can win !” . And so it is

November 16 evening 19 o’clock . Campaigns from both sources is through SMS, whispers and beeps somewhat schizophrenic following set of information:
– ” I gained 8 percent difference * minimum * , obviously ! ”
– ” Standing badly , but I recovered now deciding on the final hours , but it’s good . ”

November 16 evening 21 o’clock . Recognizes no candidate defeat. Both give a speech cautious but optimistic. No bouncing .

November 16 evening , at 21.01 . Millions of people almost simultaneously utter the word ” diaspora” .

November 16 evening from 23.00 to 23.55 hours . The heads of the two campaigns out on television several times , separately. Tired , sleepless , hungry , it enumerates a list of common and seemingly endless endless list of numbers even meaningless . Country of fun (‘ so there really is a common bot is called Cow ! ‘) And asleep watching TV .

November 17 : Life goes on . In Romania, children are born , die old , it works , eat, make love and sleep . In newspapers and on TV starting to show Comments ( ratio between silly and smart remarks : 6 -to-1 ) . Sociologists begin detailed analysis of the results. No leader / president quits party and not withdraw from the political scene .


by Barbu Mateescu


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