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“Dear friends,

In the evening of June 4, 2014, were adopted at the Center for Public Diplomacy organizational elements of the second edition of the European Forum for Public Diplomacy.

European Forum for Public Diplomacy, II edition, will take place between September 8 to 10, 2014, in Brasov, with the extraordinary participation of Transylvania University.

Center for Public Diplomacy, apolitical and non-governmental professional association organizes the second consecutive year one of the relevant meetings at European level in the field of public diplomacy and foreign perception management of the country. To organize this meeting mention that efforts are not employed by the state budget, so it is a kind NGO initiative where central and local administration representatives of Romania may obtain extremely valuable information and experiences that are provided by the relevant specialists, researchers and practitioners from around the world.

Forum for Public Diplomacy in Romania is an approach which follows three very important goals – near public diplomacy professional conceptual decision-making environment in Romania, providing an optimum environment for the exchange of expertise between international actors in the most relevant and effective public diplomacy and managing external perception and not eventually connect the brand an international forum of Romania.

The first edition of the European Forum for Public Diplomacy was held last year in Bucharest in September – 2013 the Aula purview of the Central University Library Carol I. audience could listen to lectures of relevant decisional actors in Romania and had the privilege of receiving some considerations of the leading exponents of public diplomacy in the world – PJ Crowley (former spokesman Depatramentului State and associate professor at George Washington University), Sean Aday (Professor and Director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication GW University) Philip Seib (Professor and Director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California) and Nick Cull (professor and coordinator of the Master program in Public Diplomacy and International Communications of USC Los Angeles). Also were at EFDP 2013 public diplomacy specialists institutions in China (the country with special guest status).

This year the European Forum for Public Diplomacy – Brasov 2014 are invited to attend all vectors Roman state officials, representatives of the legislative, executive and external attributions of institutions, heads of university centers of Romania, specialists etc. Abroad at the European Forum for Public Diplomacy taking part extremely relevant representatives in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia, South America and Canada, representatives of international institutions worldwide leading representatives of cultural institutions Europe.

Theme European Forum for Public Diplomacy Brasov in 2014 will focus on two sections – “Public Diplomacy and creating credibility, essential elements of Competitive Identity” and “Public Diplomacy and Soft Power for a sustainable expansion of the European Union”.

In the next period will be released Portal Forum, the main source of information regarding the organization, participants and how they can get the invitations to this event.

I hope the proactive and constructive cooperation of all institutional vectors of Romania to achieve an event after which, finally, Romania, public diplomacy and knowledge to get the greatest benefits.


Dan Dima

BUCHAREST – June 2014″


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