The metropolises of the world

I look with satisfaction, but with a slight regret, at the metropolises of the world, how much they did and how they want to make more, regretfully, because of Romania, Bucharest, for example,it’s been so many years without doing anything,not even a bypass belt, of course, the projects were, but that’s just the point.

How are Shanghai (China), Cairo (Egypt), Paris (France – Europe City …), Istanbul (Turkey) and more. For example, Istanbul, where Erdogan is (more than 50,000 people were imprisoned from the bloody attempt to overthrow Erdogan’s military power and assassination last year), and yet what cities they are about to do.

And we ? Where we are ? Highways not , cities not (I remember the mistress posed by a Mayor, a provincial city, the park that he did, with European money, of course) … we do not have anything … did that come Romania?!

Down is a site with cities of the world now :

City of Paris (Europe City)