Romanian policewoman gets international recognition for her role in Haiti rescue mission


Romanian Police Chief Commissioner Raluca Domuta received the International Female Police Peacekeeper 2015 title during the ceremony organized in Cardiff by the International Association of Women Police – IAWP. She is the first Romanian policewoman to receive this title.

Raluca Domuta got this award for the special role she had in the UN search and rescue mission in Haiti. She was appreciated for her involvement in the activities conducted after the 2010 earthquake, and for the way she ensured doctors’ security in the area, according to a statement of the Romanian Police (IGPR). Moreover, international organizations consider her an exceptional police officer, whose experience is valuable in supporting the peace and stabilization process in Haiti.

The Romanian officer graduated from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy in 1999. She is a specialist in criminal sciences, judicial psychology, and human rights. She now holds the position of regional police chief at the Haiti – MINUSTAH mission and provides expert support in combating organized crime and sexual violence.


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