2015 – The Year great opportunities for Romania’s image


Year 2014 is memory, and hurried to catch arrives in 2015 success stories (or not) of countries careful with their own image in the world.

In an overview like I could say that 2014 was the year of excellence in public diplomacy, but it was certainly the year that we‘ve cleared the myth about building the country brand through sports events and in addition, the year which showed that political will” is the cornerstone of the equation which shows the image of the country.

Olympic Games in Sochi, the most expensive Olympic Winter Games in Olympic history, demonstrated that not enough an event of this magnitude and relevance to the radical change of the image of a country (a country with serious problems of credibility), how does is not enough to host the Olympic Games to alleviate your perception disaster aggressor state” when the evidence shows that you are an “aggressor state”. On such a background, it is clear that neither the economic outlook Olympic Games in Sochi did not represent anything other than a resounding failure.

The story is repeated in the case of Brazil that all political reasons, in 2014 succeeded to compromise any image or economic benefits that would have been obtained after the World Cup organization. Funny is that from such experiences, it seems that no one learns anything Brazil is preparing to invest in Russia in the Olympics and the World Cup finals next

In Europe, Germany has managed to consolidate in 2014, a very strong country brand that relies on an unshakable legitimacy to load a subsequent legitimacy conferred by the science of efficiency and performance in conditions of crisis, the plus a newer variable studied by Simon Anholt 2014 the country’s degree of involvement in the welfare of other countries Germany, where again, more forced by the situation in Europe, sit very well.

Ukraine drew our attention by a spectacular crash in 2014 this country being destroyed lietralmente in terms of overall image of the country due to the uncertain political situation, the collapse of tourism component of the weathering last reliable resources that can attract foreign direct investment of a dependent European Union whose standards are unattainable today by Kiev and a fatality Moscow addiction that seems inexhaustible in resources to find argument for aggression in eastern Ukraine.

Hungary decreases steadily external credibility without making large jumps downward, an Interestingly, we show how a brand of relatively competitive country during crisis can to stem the depreciation of the foreign image even amid a continuous discrediting caused by environment political.

Asian countries have realized this year that promote external external perception management exclusively on tourism component, even if the highest expectations of those States in the tourism focus is not under any circumstances and in any case sufficient efficiency . Therefore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries, all irresistible” in tourism promotion spots and a genuine tourist potential meant, will have to learn from experience that India using almost all vectors of representation, including the political managed to record beautiful results.

America remains the standard global public diplomacy, despite hard manages to produce effective strategies for post-conflict and internal political balance you quite uncomfortable as monitoring costs related to transnational media vectors controlled by Washington.


At the end of this passage in the journal I would like to draw attention to the opportunities that Romania has started this new administration and in full view of relevant events at both regional and European level. Therefore at the end of the year I will try to master the critical spirit hoping consistent in our chances.

Romania is preparing (or should prepare) to take over the EU presidency in 2019 a time which can become when fracture between the perception of being old aspiring Romanian integration” and “new European Romania“.

In the perspective of 2019, Romania must prepare both in terms of content” major projects that will manage them (and that if they are prepared in time are likely to deliver even during the Romanian mandate – which would be ideal ), but also in terms of international communication skills (chapter where we stand today still very bad) to Romanian officials and institutions will have to face.

Also, Romania will play a decisive role at the regional level in the second half of 2015 our country will take over the presidency of the BSEC an excellent opportunity for Romania to be distinguished by regional and European political gestures including major impact in terms of enlargement.

Romania has started a new chance, and “new beginning” is also an unexpected chance to states recredibilizare a sensible pace faster than normal. We, this time we have the chance recredibilizarii by association legitimacy in terms of the President, at least semantic European actors whose credibility is recognized and indisputable, but this of course is not enough.

Romanian decision environment most of all decision-making environment that communicates the outside will have to avoid the attention all the errors of the past that have affected so much credibility component and will have to accept an undeniable truth we like it or not, everyone will have to speak the same language” for external audiences.

Another tip end of the year would be that Romania to try to revitalize the exchange of students with geographic areas that have suffered from appetite to study in Romania, and the children of former foreign students in Romania can be a beginning in this effort . If Romania wants to keep its strategic value that today has, then, without hesitation, you have to give importance to this subject.

Romania’s external promotion must exist, but also must take into account the realities of the moment and the degree of credibility foreign country you have to support any posts abroad. Also promoting Romania’s foreign country brand should be a multi disciplinary action integrated to use as many of the conventional projection vectors which crystallization occurs on brand perception, while taking into account the contribution of each area to the national GDP (it was the investment of public money). Also, I recommend that Romania begin empowering the private sector in various fields to promote external benefits because promoting sectoral equally brand entity and country as a whole. Investing in the brand of the country, the private sector will ensure that in future, the value and volume of exports – goods or services will not be adversely affected by a brand of country of origin to hang lest reputation as a Romanian products.

Of course, today Romania is felt after an election campaign that generated a predominantly internal communication, external communication so disproportionate to the poor in 2014 especially in the second half. We counter this imbalance through a correct approach to projection of future reforms of the public policies that we can integrate effective strategies and serious external representation – so for those with ears to hear Romania does not need COMMUNICATION IN FUTURE CI CORRECT PROMOTION POLICY !!!

All the above, even if they have a general character, is a tactical moves Romanian public diplomacy, yet non-existent. This means that Romania should have the courage to propose strategic actions and public diplomacy, actions that take into account the current realities and the major objectives momentu image of Romania.

I have my duty to once again remind the public of Romania and decision-making environment that some serious problems really serious image remained unresolved even if their effects are felt in certain passages of time in a less aggressive manner, and here I refer specifically to the issue of foreign perception management on Romanian migration in Europe. Recall that 2015 is an election year in the UK and the political environment in the UK is fundamentally different from that of Germany, in the sense that in the UK to avoid discussions on social and economic really important, which have the potential to embarrass both power and opposition in London, is expected to handle migration theme one of the top positions in the hierarchy of public debate. Therefore, Romania will have to come up with solutions managemet of perception, solutions that clearly can not be developed professionally unsuitable and no responsible government officials disinterested, without mobility and flexibility and does not assume achieve clear objectives.

I conclude by expressing my hope that 2015 will be the year of Romanian public diplomacy. Like every year, I hope to find the resources to make me understand in terms of urgency and the need to develop and implement strategies for public diplomacy (real and not kitchen) in Romania, as well as the power to convince institutional environment for the establishment of a State body which on the one hand to assess Romania’s external public perception in every moment, and on the other hand to clot consensus decision for the development and implementation of solutions in terms of perception management of the country of Romania.

I wish you all a good year!

Dan Dima

Center for Public Diplomacy


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