Johannis KNOWS how important is the image of Romania?

Whether accepted or not, Romanian reality has changed dramatically with the announcement of presidential election results from November 16 2014. Johannis unexpectedly gets elected president of Romania.


We cross probably one of the most atypical periods of short but cheerful Romanian post-communist democracy a period of electoral turmoil but also a time when due to the success of a president totally different country is under scrutiny various external audiences.

Probably very little today realize the context in which we find ourselves, well we could use it to realize that we as a country and nation to open new opportunities for reconfiguration of identity. With time, why not, this identity can turn into competitive identity, which would not be bad at all.

The purpose of our discussion, however, is not to find in the person of Klaus Johannis Romania hero who need to repair their image abroad and probably others are even more talented in carving statues of the new president-elect, but we have observe that a situation seemingly happy until now we bring forward international perception on a meteoric trajectory normally unrepeatable or that you meet very few times in a century. As shown, the transfer from a peripheral area pereptie in one relatively central cenrala or can only be a result of truly historic event. This compels me to say that you have to take advantage of the opportunity and have to make an effort to profile us as well in the eyes of our foreign partners.

What probably will be doing in the near future is to confirm the precise technical methods recredibilizare the state and country in general, to avoid all the pitfalls of conduct that consistently discredit us and take advantage of the attention that the moment we it provides a platform to build credibility acceptable if not solid a balanced and strong country brand.

Those of political actors that will climb on this train and contribute to this new construction that is not the less doctrinal and policy, meaning rudimentary so far, will have their turn in front of an audience the chance to rehabilitate handled or no, but an audience that is slowly but surely the majority and determined against the system.

From this perspective Johannis begins to establish itself as a trigger of a process that traditionally Romania has the talent to guzzle it. Therefore I think that step unnecessary retalierii and accountability of political opponents of the new president-elect is unnecessary, time consuming and redundant. Therefore, I believe that this step must overcome.

If we remain stuck in a political war direction matrix line should unite Victoria and Cotroceni palace or if we mimic institutional collaboration will happen behind which all sorts of strange things, if we continue to search for some nonexistent guilty by clouds tear gas when we do nothing but bore the umpteenth time an external public Romania which rarely attracts attention.

Also Johannis must realize their role and gave it a favorable conjuncture without his effort is too high and make their lucid inventory of décor elements that surrounded the campaign. Some of these decorative elements” were almost invisible in the campaign (although some of them exactly what they wanted) for full attention focused on the candidate, but today, with the war policy (or alleged closing) is profile of these individuals expected to be stronger a profile but that public opinion, young beautiful, rebellious macovistii other categories might assimilate him something harder.

Political parties, conglomerates and other forms of organization with the stated purpose to gain power will have to understand, at least for a period, the significance of anti-system vote and make a step back and Johannis, to continue to perform as reliably vector will have to protect against capusarii most likely it will put a good picture transfer from him to these groups and never vice versa.

After a long series of occasions on which Romania has missed the existence of the unitary state, today we are even in possession of the list of things you do not need to repeat them, and one of them is even attention that the President have to pay image Romania country and credibility abroad. If Johannis will understand that public diplomacy tools are the only ones who can solve most problems seemingly intractable in our external perception management plan, he will still manage a performance unmatched by his predecessors or politicians who have had or still have aspirations comparable his.




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