The country where all the inhabitants are millionaires. 10,000 Romanian already living there

stiri_120115_0_okNorway is the most prosperous country in Europe . The discovery of oil and gas in its own waters , in the late 1960s led to a strong development of the Norwegian economy . The rich resources of fossil energy , proceeds on their behalf and the high level of economic development and social stability were counted , moreover, among the reasons for the rejection in referendums in 1972 and 1994, Norway ‘s accession to the European Union . Aware that the resources will end at some point , the country’s rulers in 1990 established a fund to which all citizens are over five million shareholders. In January 2014 , the Fund has exceeded 830 billion.

The abundance of oil in Norway led to lower unemployment and create new jobs. Today , Norway is needed 16,000 engineers , twice more than last year. In particular , there is a shortage in the oil engineers who specialize in the field . In September 2012, the Romanian community in the northern state count less than 10,000 people .

Working in Norway

Norwegian law is the same for both Norwegian workers and for foreign ones.
As an applicant for work in Norway must register with the police ( right of residence ) within 3 months after you start working .
If you sent the country on contract work , you must have the right of residence previously granted .
You must have a written employment contract .
You must be in possession tax card ( taxcard , skattekort ) issued in Norway.
The employer is obliged to draw your occupational accident insurance .
Your employer is required to provide satisfactory accommodation .
As an employee in the construction branch must ensure you minimum wage.
As an employee in the ticket gates construction must always work on site.

What happens if you work “black ” ?

Some employers might you propose to work without a contract . It is a bad idea , at least three reasons:
– Do not get paid leave , not earn seniority for retirement , you will not receive unemployment benefits in case you get fărălucru ;
– If you do not receive the promised payment of employment will be very hard to you obtain that money ;
– You could be asked to pay additional fees.

Sources of job search

Writing a CV and a letter of intent is the first and most important step in finding a job. The letter of intent must be carried out for individual employers . When you apply for some jobs , it is advisable to translate Norwegian resume if you can communicate even among ” newbie ” in this language. However, your resume should include key information from previous jobs , and a brief description personală.Scopul is to convince employers that you are motivated to work for them . It would be a good idea to document prior to sending the letter of intent , the prospect angajatorului.Totodată , you could see the Norwegian NOKUT institution that equals and recognize certain acts of studies and qualifications for foreigners , obtained outside Norway. ( ) . We recommend that you have a LinkedIn account where your resume can be viewed by potential employers. Recruitment agencies in Norway use a lot this platform. Sites like or are popular among those looking for work , but also among employers . Experis ( ) is the largest recruitment company in the country , specializing in IT , financial consulting and engineering. Agencies Adecco ( ) , tongs ( ) and Orion ( http://www.orion – ) are also key players in the labor market in Norway .


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