I can not and I will not agree with IONEL Blanculescu!

by diplomatiepublica

As you probably know , in a week and a half ago I returned from the U.S., and in return I promise that I will come back to take a picture whenever you feel the need to show why they are different than us.

Today , unfortunately, I find myself in this situation and the situation is caused by a known character statements that express frequently on TV , Mr. Blanculescu . He and I will limit myself to assimilate the statement in question only Mr. Blanculescu person and not the current official capacity of his reign, senses a certain effervescence wrong in society on hearing that Americans will develop military capabilities in Romania. Also unfortunately, Mr. Blanculescu does not stop here but clamoring category arguments neither more nor less than the site at Deveselu charge him, a mean to an escalation of the arms race – which is more plainly responsible for if not imminent potential annoyance of the Russians who plod on the borders of Ukraine and Moldova .

Okay , what about Mr Blanculescu understand the security policy and how it relates to the security policies of the investment , though I would like to talk , but I am surprised that a man with some skill in the management of public benefits such risk assessments in perhaps the worst time , in the wrong place and why not say , with the questionable expertise in this field . If , however, Mr. Blanculescu would have proposed to her boss image devastating affect him, it would be optimal landing and that was the best time .

In front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC , there is a commemorative assembly where the feet are blasted dozens of black marble behalf of tens of thousands of American soldiers dead and missing in Europe and Asia , in the fight for freedom. At the end of this long and excruciatingly painful string of names of martyrs is written large : FREEDOM IS NOT FREE !


Can not be bad to remind them that Mr. Blanculescu back when we do not yet decided if we could use more aggressive or aggressor status of Americans with their western partners were trying to cope the most horrific challenge by passing humanity . Then, all Americans and all their partners who became later, much later , and partners , trying to cope with the expansion and magnetism while Soviet us pardon , building socialism with just those with struggling … Americans . Later on when we care autofagocitam arms race Americans remain consistent extension of democratic space , whether it happens in Asia or in other parts of the world. Well, these are the ” minutiae ” that have escaped Mr. Blanculescu and they have skidded in a highly sensitive area for the credibility of Romania and Bucharest administration against those whom today we consider strategic partners.


That builds credibility oanoarea prestige and in such cases it proves partnership. Any further comment is unnecessary.


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