Exercise for your mental and emotional energy


Hello and welcome back the NLP Mania !

The disease of our century is not cancer or other serious illnesses and costly. Disease that has come to us not think it is the most dangerous and often Intan . I mean fatigue !

Chronic fatigue is a condition that millions of people suffer and do not even take into account only when it is too late.

Funny story about my father

About 10 years ago, my father took his leave to go from village to grandparents and help them have land . My grandparents used to agricultural work and village life , living from their work on the ground that it alone plowing and sowing . Already old, my father offered to make time to help . What remains memorable in the spring of 2002 was that my father , a man accustomed to the city , was terribly tired after an hour walk on the field and my grandfather was full of energy from morning to evening . On one of the evenings when I arrived there, my grandfather tells me how my father said after an hour of work in the field “Dad , let’s let the horse rest can not ” :))

The horse would be plowed 5-6 hours without any problems yet , but my father could no longer move her toes … 🙂

Dramatic story of a good friend

” I came in town, off work at 16 and when I get home I have no energy to eat. The only thing I wanted was to sleep , not to do anything. I had a job easy and enjoyable , yet I was tired . A chronic fatigue, generalized throughout my body. A fatigue that had to be part of my life. Almost as we consider normality . I saw around me other people were complaining of the same fatigue. I thought the same symptoms . Maybe the same causes .

I wake up tired, go to work tired , work tired, go home tired, fell asleep exhausted. Then the next day we go again .

After 3 years I came to feel tired I do not know what I want , that I have no goal. I had come to feel paranoid, to believe it is a conspiracy to manipulate me feeling tired and depressed. I thought everyone had something with me, any sound annoy me and I was tired and louder.

I lasted about three years all this fatigue. Until I started to analyze and seek solutions . ”

That told me a good friend and I found myself in his story. I suffered from this disease and found solutions . I realized that this fatigue is very high now my way of life, way of thinking and emotions you felt and that I quickly consumed energy.

You happened to feel like after a painful event you drained of energy? Or that after a happy event you feel full of energy? Emotions are a very interesting fuel . A positive emotion like give you energy , while a negative emotion you instantly tired .

I read a book not long ago where someone said that cancer was cured by positive thinking . He said he had made a real treatment of this. Daily look at comedy 6:00 , then read jokes and laughing another 2-3 hours because of these jokes . Was put to sleep only when he felt he had a very positive emotional state .

All those positive emotions gave so much power that the disease has regressed . After a while , the cancer was gone and the man realized that his life depended on how he thinks .

As most negative thinking with both our energy decreases. With positive thinking as the energy increases .

He said in the book is still alive as a neutral event . The only difference is how you think of the event.

How do you feel when you start to suffer from lack of energy ?

The list of symptoms is long, when you start to decrease the amount of energy , the first thing that occurs is that you start to sneeze often.

Another symptom is that you start to think negative. When you have enough energy around you every thing you think positively . Anything that might happen , you take the good of that thing . From the moment you start to lose energy start to see the bad parts .

Then you start to have problems with memory and sleep . If the mind becomes cumbersome and there is a need increasingly more frequent sleep . But do not rest and sleep when you wake up and you’re tired.

It is a vicious circle .

Tiredness leads to negative thinking . Negative thinking decreases your energy and feel tired.

You have two options to break the vicious circle . Either you change your thinking , or help get more energy .

Today I’ll explain how you get more energy . In other articles I have learned how to change your thinking from negative to positive , but I was also give you other methods .

Why do you always lack the energy you need? (causes )

You feel tired because your body has no fuel , you have no energy.

Lack of Energy has some cases they ignore or do not consider important enough to think about them. The first of these causes are below.

– Diet devoid of nutrients

– Lack of proper rest

– Lack of sufficient oxygen (air pollution )

Food devoid of nutrients

Our body needs approximately 60 minerals and vitamins. I am convinced that you are a person trying to have a balanced diet, but let’s see briefly what that means.

Go to the store and buy your vegetables to eat vitamins.

But vitamins are a chain of 10,000 molecules formed minerals that are found in nature . The problem is that the land on which the plant is grown with fertilizer made ​​generally gained about 3 minerals namely nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. And it is considered complex fertilizer . But where are the other minerals that a plant needs to be fully developed and that you need to assimilate into the body ?

Where magnesium , iron , zinc , carbon , copper , manganese , silicon ? All these minerals are in trace amounts in our cells , yet without them , the cells do not work in the capacity for which they were created.

A cell is like a factory . If you give fuel not produce anything.

We know too little about vitamins . For example , you do not know what is the recommended daily allowance of vitamins (as shown prospectus pharmaceutical companies ) is the dose that you need to survive . When you are but in times of stress , fatigue , can double this dose for the body when consumed more vitamins .

I saw a documentary about vitamins ( “Food Matters” http://www.foodmatters.tv/ ) and I understand that the first drug that we have at hand is our food . If food is low in minerals and vitamins , I can not wait to have energy.

And when my cells do not work well , the organs that form those cells and they give a low yield . Everything is barely surviving , but I am not going to survive , but to live to the fullest.

What you can do is to supplementation with vitamins and minerals their lack of nutrition . Or to know exactly what you eat and how rich in minerals and vitamins is your food . If you buy cheap food to have money for other things, then do not expect spectacular results from your body and your mind. I concluded that the first on the list of investment for me and my family is quality food . Farmers in the country are still using natural fertilizers , such associations of producers looking . In Timisoara are producers selling their wares in a closed system . That does not stop going merchandise on the market, but sell it directly to customers . The system is very interesting. I as a customer know exactly what goods to produce the man , he knows just like going to buy her merchandise. He gains a loyal customer , I gain a source of nutrient-rich foods . If you want more details about how this system will write to you . I have a friend who works in such a traditional system of social economy and to ask her more details.

Lack of rest and sleep quality

Lack of rest means not know if it’s time to sleep or take a break because you drank coffee or coca- cola and have energy . The dumbest thing I hear is that incentives ( Redbull , coffee, coca- cola, etc) give you energy .

All I do these incentives is to ask you the most last reserves of energy to use them quickly . Like when you change the car engine to burn fuel more intense. As much gas you have in the tank but faster and you burn more energy at the moment . But do not fool yourself , the engine will die faster because it is not made ​​to go without to feed and rest …

The first step to get rid of energy is definitely any incentives. Just so you know when your body and mind rest and gives the lack of nutritional fuel .

The second step is to organize your day the best rate for you.

I changed my career to get some help when I feel like it. For me the way of life and quality of rest is more important than money or than anything else. So I prefer to have the energy (because energy is the only thing that gives you the well ) than to have money. But there is a brilliant little secret. When you ‘re so creative power that a single idea of yours is worth a lot of money . So do not run out of money if you do not break your ass working and tired of it. I say this from my experience and those I learned from you.

Lack of oxygen and air pollution

I mean I’m crazy ! How not to breathe the air of the city ? I hold my breath all week and then go on weekends in the forest , fresh air ? 🙂

It would be an option and this … if you can!

I ‘ll give you a simple and efficient solution !

Learn to breathe correctly . Breathing modern man is a superficial , wrong . I see many people who breathe wrong because of contraction of the diaphragm muscle (the one that separates the abdomen from the chest ) .

The lower part of the lungs is oxygenated .

Method to figure out if you breathe right or wrong

Put one hand on your chest right now and one hand on your belly and breathe normally a few times . Note that the hand moves more ( up and down ) . If the hand on the chest has a wider movement when your breathing is shallow . If the hand on your abdomen moves more than the chest when you breath deeper , more accurate .

Due to stress , the diaphragm muscle contracts which is responsible for the contraction of the lungs. In times of stress , anxiety, emotional tension , depression, this muscle becomes tight and keeps the bottom of the lungs very close . Do not allow the lungs to expand and air pulling in the bottom of them. Yet this area is the most voluminous , but because of this it has no air . So the amount of oxygen that you breathe is halved compared to the amount you need.

Inside cells, chemical reactions that occur in a chemistry lab . But if there is no oxygen, these reactions do not occur and the cell does not produce energy.

When you start to breathe in fully , you get enough oxygen , even if the air is polluted . Of course the most important thing is to get out more often in nature, often to get oxygen into your body through the air.

I get angry every time I see people out in nature and light their cigarette. Maybe you’re a smoker and you . Try that even when you’re out in the fresh air to enjoy those outdoor . And so the city does not have enough oxygen. Toxic substances in tobacco stick to the wall of the lungs and forms a crust that does not allow oxygen to enter the body. Because of this, smokers are more prone to diseases because their cells need to function with less oxygen than those of people who exercise , breathe fresh air, etc. .

What can happen if I have bad energy? ( negative in your life )

Besides the negative effects on your health , lack of energy has a close relationship with your power of thinking and your emotions.

When you power your mind becomes clear and you are creative . But put a man tired to be creative . If I ‘m tired I do not work anything efficiency. 3 times if I write something that will be good and rested when I go on the first try .

Are you sure you noticed this rule . Maybe you have not given so much importance . For me , the main purpose is to gain power .

There are seven types of energy that accumulate to have a life as I want. There are seven types of energy in the universe and I want them all. In general, people feel a few of these seven types of energy and are happy with those types . I am interested in all seven .

The first type of energy is the energy of the earth – physical energy and vital

This energy gained through a diet, rest and proper breathing . The positive effect of this accumulation of energy such manifest the emotions of self-confidence, optimism , determination and firmness. When you have enough energy in this type simply do not abandon anything that you started , you have the strength to go all the way . When you have this energy are sickly , fear, panic , poor, forgetful , etc. .

The second type of energy is the water – energy coming through networking and socializing

Accumulate this energy by practicing feeling that ” I feel at ease ” in the midst of the people , known or unknown . This energy ( emotion , attitude) helps me to be spontaneous and relaxed , to create relationships with anyone and feel energized when someone communicates with me. I feel good both with one person , and in the middle of the 50 people they care for each course . This energy is that which you build balanced relationships . When you have this power are timid, inhibited , introverted , uncommunicative , etc. .

The third type of energy is fire – the energy coming from confidence

This type of energy that we gained confidence in my daily train me inner self . Do not expect someone to appreciate me and tell me I ‘m important to me , at least for me are important . I do not know what I would do without me ! :))

This energy helps me funny and I do not consider myself above others. Lack of energy makes you cling to the smallest power that you have and you want to dominating others . When this type of energy , not looking at any price to be more than others. When you have this energy , joy comes from the fact that you put the shoulder and help an idea, a project, a person , etc. . When you lack the energy you feel weak , you feel dominated by events , you feel like fighting windmills and you have no chance to succeed.

The fourth type of energy – air – energy coming from love

Love is an emotion that can be misunderstood , to try to define the scurt.Cand even feel that ” need ” someone when that emotion is not love. Love does not need anything or anyone , but only the desire of love is to give everything you have for that man , without asking in return attention or even gratitude . This love is what you turn to the common man and leads you to the higher man . This energy of love is what you reorganizes its personality . Any emotional and psychological problems feel you , this energy of unconditional love can solve immediately . The energy of love makes your soul vibrate . It’s that thrill that you have when you’re really in love for the first time . This energy , when amplified in me , I purify any negative emotions simply can not think negatively you feel this energy ( emotion ) .

When you have this energy you feel abandoned , you are afraid of life and the universe , you feel like nothing makes sense and you are confused and do not know which direction to take . To accumulate this energy always remember how you felt when you were really in love . I say ” really ” to differentiate between the desire to have someone and true feeling of love that you feel the need to give .

The fifth type of energy – etheric energy – the energy coming from beauty

A special type of energy that is quite rare in the period in which we live is the energy of beauty. This energy is related to purity, the nobility interior with inner beauty . It’s what you admire the purity of a child or a baby deer eyes . This energy embellish your soul and brings a state of indescribable happiness . It is the same energy that it contains any brilliant artist who gets carried away by the beauty inside of you begin to create a symphony or a painting or a sculpture , or a dance amazes with harmony and beauty.

This energy is what helps me to write to you , that helps me to look around me through the houses have fallen plaster and through holes on our roads and not see them , but only see trees full of leaves, birds seeking food and sing when greeting each other , the children laugh and cling to their parents , elders who smile when I greet them .

Without this energy your life is empty , you feel surrounded by something bad . I know people who see and know everything nice around people who see the same things but say they are awful . This difference comes from the fact that you see beauty if you have the energy you see beauty and ugliness if you have the power of beauty within.

The sixth type of energy – the energy of genius

Beyond the ordinary human genius is an ideal. Genius is a superhuman state , where you get access to other resources. Genius is the state in which you can find links between two things that have no apparent connection between them. Genius and madness are similar from the outside. While genius is completely off limits and human rules , fool simply does not understand all those limits and rules. Energy genius train by thinking “out of the box ” techniques of meditation and concentration workout on your capabilities and increase intelligence beyond average. Genius allows you to see connections that other people will not see them only when they get to accumulate and this energy . Complete lack of this energy makes you look just on the materialistic world , with nothing miraculous in it , no desire for evolution and development. When you feel the desire to accelerate your growth , then you start to accumulate more and more of this type of energy.

Bootcamp that we organize in August in Greece and then in September , with the theme just amplify this energy. We’ll introduce the powerful 25 techniques used by great geniuses of mankind to maintain the maximum power . If you want more details read here ‘s organization .

The seventh level of energy – the energy of happiness

This type of energy is promoted spirituality. The emotion you feel this energy in you is happiness. So can you assess whether you have enough energy in this type or not. If you can be happy for no reason outside , you have this energy in you. If you need someone or something external to make you happy then you have all this energy in you.

I I train this energy and accumulate it by training and gain maximum happiness of any trivial reason . For example , if I see something on the street that I like, are very attentive to feel that joy and amplified to turn into happiness. I wake up and my breath and are happy for a new day begin . That and train my state of happiness , accumulate this energy . Other methods are prayer – if clearly brings a state of happiness , meditation by stopping the mental processes , which will teach you and bootcamp in August and September in Greece.

Without this energy you feel threatened , you feel down and you feel far from God and other people. If you threaten the entire universe , if you’re as small as an atom and give you big as a mountain . So it feels like you’re lacking energy. Do you feel like you just happy , looking to be happy and fulfilled , but if you fail than to have feelings of joy and happiness that you consume , you energizes .

Be careful not to confuse energy and joy joy joy. The first two you consume power when happiness gives you strength . To be happy you externalize , you shake , jump, run, dance and sing loudly , eat and drink with friends and spend fun. To be happy, just sit in silence within. The silence that scares you if you have this kind of power , quiet happiness that you can look like a deep well and I ‘m afraid to look you in the area where you fell . Where your thoughts and you can stop looking as you are . Only after you find the courage to look at you , you can accumulate this energy and unconditional happiness . Maybe it would take years, but if you start telling you that I will not ever succeed . But if you start right now to look inside yourself , you’ve already taken the first step .

Exercise gives you energy that many types

Accumulated energy of seven types is simpler than you think. I am convinced that maybe you and done this exercise sometimes , maybe you felt the effects but then forgot it or not you got in mind .

I learned this exercise from a book by James Redfild , ” The Tenth Insight ” . He said there that plants , trees , elements of nature have the most energy .

Then explain that if I turn the emotion of admiration in me , put me in touch with what I admire .

I was thinking about what I read and I realized that is quite right . You become what you admire most. And this process of becoming is based on taking energy from the object , person admired energy storage in you.

Like what you feed admire . So I started to look at different trees , plants full of vitality and energy.

The technique is simple to do. When you pass through a park , or anywhere you see a higher plant , at least 1 meter tall , look at a child’s eye .

Look at that plant as you do not know what is . Watch a free can call . Without telling you that “it is a plant .” At first it will be difficult but after a few attempts you will notice that your mind for a few seconds stops and you can do this.

Admiration and astonishment are emotions that characterize the emotions of a child. Child , before they find out what it’s called something very amazed by what he sees . Admire , enjoy , visit gaze . Then comes the adult and “help ” saying ” Relax, it is just an ordinary plant” And that child cut off all energy exchange that we do with that plant , or any other object.

The technique consists of become children again . Look at nature with admiration . Search your mind to admire the power to increase the plant to become green to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen that you really need. Whenever you come to mind to enjoy because all the oxygen in our atmosphere is created by plants ? Do you realize how much we owe these mundane plants ? You can reorganize your mind in a way to realize this simple thing ( simply just because you think , because we got used to it) makes us humans to exist here on earth !

Look at a flower , a tree, admiring the colors , admire strength, admire the fact that there are , as their power from the earth and the sun.

I feel like between your emotions begin to appear and an emotion connection with the plant you admire . As an emotional connection , empathy between two biological beings so far have been strangers .

This link will feed you from the moment the thought arises in your mind ” anymore, but this plant really is beautiful .” When you feel that you can get power from that plant . And do not be afraid to steal her energy. It will give you a type of energy that it has nothing to do, but an energy that is good for you. As you give and take from you oxygen and carbon dioxide that you do not what to do.

I want to do this technique for a few days and then tell me what effects you noticed. I do often in periods when I feel I need more power . But it’s useful to start a practice when you energy. Because it will be easier to feel when the beauty of the plant. Then, when well mastered the technique , you can use and you do not have enough energy .

I wish you luck !

See you soon ,

Marius Simion


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