Meet Boriska , the boy that has stunned scientists


Unusual story of a Russian boy named Boris , attracted worldwide attention several years ago. Born on January 11, 1996 in the city of Volzhsky , has stunned parents at birth . His mother, Nadezhda Kipriyanovich , a dermatologist in a public clinic and the boy’s father , a retired officer , was surprised to find that their family had come a little boy who was not like everyone else.

His mother tells about the birth of the boy : ” It all happened so fast I did not even feel any pain. When they showed me the baby , he looked at me with a look of adult. As a physician , I knew that babies can not concentrate looks on . Nevertheless, my little baby looked at me with big brown eyes . ”

When he returned from the hospital with him , she began to notice things very curious child . The boy , whom the mother named Boris , hardly ever cried not . The child uttered the first word when she was four months , and began to pronounce simple words soon afterwards. Eight months already spoke in sentences and a year and a half he had no difficulty reading the headlines . At two years old he began to draw and learn how to paint six months later . When he turned two , he started to go to a local nursery and guardians immediately noticed that the boy had a brilliant intelligence , language skills and unique memory .

” I had a very strange feeling that I was , for him, strangers that try to establish contact ,” said the boy’s mother , according to Project Camelot.

When Boris , or Boriska as parents spoiled him , turned three began to speak to his parents about the universe .

“He could name all the planets of the solar system , even their satellites , name and number of galaxies . Was very scary at first , I thought my son was out of control , but then I decided to check if the name exists true. I took some books on astronomy and I was shocked to learn that the boy knew so much about this science , ” Nadezhda told .

Rumors astronomer child were quickly spread throughout the city, and the boy became a local celebrity . Many were curious to know how he could know so much this child . Boriska wanted to tell guests about extraterrestrial civilizations , about the existence of a prehistoric race of people three feet tall , and about future climate changes worldwide.

At one point , Boriska started telling people of their sins . He went from someone on the street and told him to quit drugs or told them not to adult men cheating on their wives , etc. .

Nadezhda noticed later that her son was feeling sick prior to the disaster . “When the Kursk submarine sank , he had pain everywhere. He suffered during the hostage-taking in Beslan , refused to go to school on days that horrible attack ,” said the boy’s mother .

When asked about his feelings today Beslan crisis , Boris told : “It was like a flame burning inside me , I knew that the story in Beslan would have a horrible end .”

Boriska attracted the attention of Russian scientists and specialists from the Institute of Earth Magnetism and Radio waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences went and examined the boy aura that turned out to be unusually strong .

Professor Vladislav Lugovenko say that there are some special devices that can measure some extrasensory abilities of humans. Modern scientists worldwide work performed extensive research in this area is not so easy to decipher as research everything from the human body . Moreover , people who possess unique abilities were born on all continents of the world , says the scientist. Such children are called ” indigo children ” by researchers , he added .

” Boriska is one of them. Many have amended DNA spirals , which give an incredibly strong immune system , and can even defeat AIDS. I met such children in China , India , Vietnam and so on ,” said Vladislav Lugovenko .

” When we presented our boy several scientists from different fields, including ufologists , astronomers and historians, all agreed that it would be impossible for him to invent all these stories. Boriska languages ​​and scientific terms used , which he said are usually used by specialists studying this or that particular science , “said the mother of Boris .

In different cultures to all discussed the immortality of the soul , and Boriska seems to confirm this theory. The boy claims that live forever and remembers scenes and events of his life passed from Mars . Experts have said that he has information that would not really know where to .

The boy knew all about life on Mars, about its inhabitants and their flights to earth, Martian civilization about megalithic cities , their spaceships and flights to various planets them , or the Lemurian civilization , who knew many details that had happened to descend there from Mars . Information about prehistory are often rejected by some researchers , despite age relics dating back as far as Darwin ‘s theory remains unable to explain existence .

A Russian journalist spoke to the boy about his unique knowledge and experience .

Boriska , you really live on Mars as they say here?

Yes , it is true . I remember that time I was 14 or 15 years. The Martians were waging wars so I often attended the air raids with a friend of mine . I could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships , but we see life on Earth on triangular aircrafts . Martian spaceships are very complicated . They are on layers.

Is there life on Mars now?

Yes there is , but the planet lost its atmosphere many years ago as a result of a global catastrophe . But Martian people still live there, underground. They breathe carbon dioxide.

How do the Martians ?

Oh they are very tall, taller than seven meters . They possess incredible qualities .

It seems that the Martians inspired gas, but here , once you have this body needs to breathe oxygen . Martians dislike air on Earth because it causes aging . Martians are all relatively young , about 30-35 years , says the boy .

Boriska spoke in more detail about UFOs : “We took off and landed on Earth almost instantly ! . ‘s Composed of layers . 25 % – outer layer , made ​​of durable metal , 30 % – second layer made ​​of something similar to rubber, the third 30 % – metal back . at the final 4 % is composed of a special magnetic layer . If you charge this magnetic layer with energy , those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the universe . ”

Boriska told that when traveling often enough to Earth to make trade and other research purposes. It was in the days of the Lemurian civilization . Moreover , the boy says he had a Lemurian friend who had been killed right before his eyes .

” A major disaster occurred on Earth. A gigantic continent was engulfed in rough waters . Then suddenly , a massive rock fell on my friend who was there. I could not save . We are destined to meet at some point in this life , “recalls Boriska .

The boy envisions the entire picture of the fall of Lemuria as though it happened yesterday. Lemuria disappeared some tens of thousands of years and it seems that the Lemurians were 9 meters tall .

The boy spoke about human disease .

“Sickness comes from people’s inability to live properly and be happy. Cosmic You have to wait half . A man should not get involved and entangled in other people’s destinies . People should not suffer because of mistakes past, but to understand what it is predestined and try to reach those heights and make steps towards fulfilling their dreams. should be more sensitive and kind-hearted . If someone strikes you, hug your enemy , requires say sorry and kneel before him . If someone hates you love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness. these are the rules of love and humbleness . know why the Lemurians died ? they did not want to longer develop spiritually , and thus broke the unity of their planet . they have strayed from the path ordained , thus destroying the integrity of the planet. route magic lead to a dead end. Love is true magic! ”

Boris ‘s mother explained that no one ever taught these things . ” Sometimes he sat in the lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars , planetary systems and other civilizations , which really puzzled us . How can a boy know these things? ” She asks .


30 responses to “Meet Boriska , the boy that has stunned scientists

  1. Why there is no new information about htis case, you can google it (i did it many times) and there is no more information about this

    • True, I’ve been concerned bout boriska for few years, since 2014, I’ve searched for boriska’s latest news( juz curious bout how he’s doing now) nothing new bout him anymore, all the news bout him r the news from 2008/2009, when he was 10 or 12 yrs old something, n now he’s alrdy 20, time flies
      Hope he’s doing well

  2. I have been on a spiritual reawakening for 32 years…I am now 83 and find from my own experiences of God/spirit that his info is very valid…love love love is the cure for EVERYTHING..remember Jesus…that’s what he taught and is always taught…and yes we incarnated once and reEMBODY until the soul goes back to Godhead in the God realms….so far many many many eons of time…in spirit there is no time…God bless us all

  3. The reflexes are adorable… Please update new information about the indigo children all over the world…. And also keep us updated about the information they give about teir own planet… Unpredictable facts and news can never be ignored..

  4. I have heard that very gifted children are often taken by their government because of the value of their minds. Many parents with gifted children now keep that secret for that reason. I also have tried to find more news on Internet to no avail.

    • That sounds plausible and I hope he is not prisoner now of gov’t! But I think he’d know how to get out of it, one would think, if so.

  5. I’ve always wondered about Mars. I really want to meet this kid. No, Sorry MARTIAN!!!!!🌠

  6. As a kid, there was always a feeling that we humans came from somewhere, and I always had a flashbacks of an arid land somewhere. There was no Google map at that time, but in later years when we can see Mars pictures by Curiosity, the resemblance is so striking. Think Boriska has remembered his past life on Mars and his travels to Earth, but most of us are unable though we sometimes find familiar things we are never able to explain.

  7. Complete fabrication. The story itself has enough false information in it, that I can confidently say that this claim is bullshit.

  8. im researching about him but cant find new information as to where he is now. I’ve read in an article that he’s probably in a remote area where no one could find him. But i wonder if he still lives near their home, since his mother mentioned that he has been visiting a place near the area several times to harness energy.

  9. some people somehow connected it to astrology and said that he’d give information on february of year 2017 based on the planetary movements. It’s already february 2017, i hope he would come out and tell us any information.

  10. As a Buddhist this is not new for me. The Buddha has explained about other planets with people who have different measurements, we have 3D they might have more , we have night and day, they might have more, we have good, bad , they might have more. This is the first time I came to know about a human with who was in the other planet. In this 100 years world will have very intelligent and enlightened human beings. That is a Buddha’s teaching. Always live with love and compassion.

  11. i really need to know where he is now and why NASA cannot get the help of him since now??
    this was the question which always popped in to me hen ever i read about boriska.
    he know the technology used by martians and even he is used to mars planet so why cant NASA and the researchers in area 51 cannot take him to gain more technology .. if so they could investigate marse more than now.

  12. Bullshit,show your source.from where did you get your story?I am not a disbeliever or a believer,I want confirmation before deciding.but by my feeling,I am prone to disbelieving your story.

  13. If what was written are true … then I’ll say that Jesus Christ is also from Mars or some other Planet. He too vanished at 12 years old and surfaced as adult.

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