Roman built road story, ignored by authorities and highlighted by dozens of youngs


Dozens of young people highlighted recent, the 11 km road Romans, which, according to existing data was arranged at the behest of the last Roman emperor who was in Dacia. Although no data on that road and it is still in good condition, it was not flagged, curious tourists and making it almost impossible to find.

The miracle lies 5 kilometers from Stone Fântânele , mingling with the locals forest roads designed Bârgăului Valley . According to Mayor Tiha Bârgăului ,Basil Dologa, it was built with stone water round by the Romans in 260, the slave at the command of which was the last emperor of Dacia . It had a strategic role , aiming to be the conquest of the northern part of Bukovina. The road , which initially stood at the boundary of the county, has been used and maintained for centuries , serving as a commercial connection . It was continued in command of the Empress Maria Theresa in 1760 . This was followed by the tip Magura , Dornisoara , Calimani , ending somewhere into Neamt . So far the road has not been suitably marked , although it is in good condition and can be covered easily. This makes the tourists to be able to traverse if they found a site guide .



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