Father Arsenie Boca – testimonials and natural treatments

I was with Father Arsenie and I asked: What do Father, that is very bad now.” Father says, “will come worse”. I say if all are poisoned. No we do not come to eat. ““I, make the sign of the cross and all you eat: water, tea, coffee, cake, fruit, drink, food, bread. The would have even poison, Holy Cross cancels all poisoned. “(Matron Mary, Sibiu)


A woman had gallstones and father went to Arsenal.
He was scheduled for surgery since the father said ” I , do not go to any surgery , you do what I tell you . When you go home you can go to buy and make your tea with orange peel deer tongue , but unsweetened . drink it for several months, 2-3 months , drink it instead of water and then go check. ”
Tea it crushes stones and turn them into sand. A localized gall stone can not remove broken and this tea than crush naturally. Try all who have problems with bile and see how they feel.

Father knew medicine and often telling us that ” sweat ” because the kidneys are not working well . He said that my hair falls , and he gave us remedies that hair must feed and told us to make egg yolk and castor oil to wash the head and rinse it with vinegar . He always gave us solutions to health problems.

Another time came a sick lungs and Father said to him knead with honey horseradish , saying that “He who made ​​heaven and earth is able to stick broken skin .”

Who narrow-minded , has no cure anywhere.
If you prevent a cold by drugs make into other dangers. Let usual stages of the disease it’s the best cure for it ( the disease) . Dodging cold enough.
Like all things of a man resembling their master .

Father had gone to a woman in Fagaras ( Mrs. Burlea ) old enough who have eye problems (cataracts ), but came before him, she forgot what came to him. Father asks : ” What ‘s shakin ‘ my woman? ” And she replied : ” Well, Father , I have come so that you see ” . Father asks : “Have you come for this, myself ! You did not come to eyes . ” Old lady replied : “Oh Father, forgive me , but really what I came to Holiness .” Father Arsenie says : “I , and what did the doctors say ? Let’s go and get surgery . Right? ” . ” Yes , Father .” ” Me, says Father , do not go to surgery, he’ll stay blind. Do what I tell you . Spring, put a bottle in vines, and collect the sap that glass pipette to take a few drops and put your eyes and you ‘ll never need surgery . ” After a while I met with the woman and really was not needed surgery for cataracts that had passed sap from the vine , and his father said .

Father once said: ” When I click” Phone ” to insist that wine” mobile “in several parts and do not know where it comes from ” phone ” ” . But it was not the phone itself. If you were thinking about Father , Father felt that someone help. ( Ierod. Jerome Coldea ) .

When I was a kid I lived in Lisa , not far from the monastery Brancovan . I was 10 siblings ( 5 boys and 5 girls). I had Andreias maiden name . I was 13 when my eldest sister , Helen, aged 23 , was suffering from eye ( an aching eyes , and tears ran down his lower order ) . It is going to go to Bucharest for surgery. But on a Sunday , as the monastery , Father Arsenie church came and cried ( it was a lot of people ) : ” Leana from Lisa , come here .” When he approached told him: ” You ‘re sick eyes. Do not go to the doctor to do surgery in Bucharest . ” Brought holy water ” with it to wash your eyes.” So did the disease and passed away. Since then he always went to the monastery and took us and us sisters . So I got to go and I every Sunday. ( Balan Forestry – Fagaras )

A 13 year old girl , bush , in a village in Transylvania , stayed a week at the monastery . Father Arsenie prayed over the girl , she was placed on a chair in front of the altar . Father asked her : Do you believe in Jesus Christ , God the Father , the Mother of God ? She said I heartily . Just asked and the girl’s parents who responded that they believe . Girl’s father said : If you do , get up and go ! She said she can not. Then Father said again : If you believe in Jesus Christ , rise up and come to me ! Then the little girl stood up on her feet , helped, and went to Father Arsenie . Father told him that as long as you live in the world not to go to amusement , balls , dances and to entrust to God . But after two years , 15 years, being nice , went to a ball , and so soon the girl died .
Father Arsenie world to isolate the source of the wood. Water there became sanctified by his prayers , the source of Christian salvation . There will be hard times, and those who will bother to keep and there will be rewarded by the Lord Jesus Christ and have the power of faith. Many believers come to this spring with the healing power of any disease, depărtând evil thoughts and evil spirits . ( Barsan Elena – Saturday from Above )

A man came into the church and asked the parent whether to stop eating fruits and vegetables from the garden that are more radiation . Father said, ” Well , to drop from the sky and eat poison on earth , who has faith , no nothing.” ( Burs Mary Arpasu Upper )

I remember Ramnicu Valcea was an excellent endocrinologist , Dr. Romulus Popescu . He was faithful ( his desk is always Govora and Code of Laws of the saint’s life from that day ) , and the doctor seemed insurmountable . After the patient knew went after eye gaze . She looked at him and said what happened surely : ” In two years , the man comes to me.” Loved him and observing him in particular, we decided to put together a meeting of the physician and the parent – which came true . I brought Romulus Popescu Prislop I knocked on the door of his cell and father , standing with his back to the door , he said without looking at us : “Let Doctor. How long you wait .” Nobody knows what they discussed with each other. A day and a night they stayed locked up in his cell . When he came from the father , the doctor was like another world , transfigured and full of light . Asking him what happened, Romulus Popescu said only this: ” I do not know when last night .” Insisting he added , as a summary and a conclusion : ” What can I say , Mother ? If anyone would have standing and would accomplish exactly what the father says , that man would grow legs back! ” ” .

Usually passion cancer who do not fast before. Cancer has no cure yet and there is no other explanation than as a brake punishing of fornication stomach. It seems that he is punished by food greed and immorality ancestry .
Cancer , this mysterious cell anarchy , it seems that everything comes about for the same reason he comes and social anarchy , another imbalance proves an unknown area of the body, or any weakness in the security service of the nervous system. Guess about cluster of cancer cells that have just another form chromosomes in any case recessiveness is secure.

My change occurred with lightning speed and strength . Wearing thin soled shoes cut and cork, I was walking like a supermodel among men. Father grave but something has shattered me. I began to weep without ceasing and my sight went all sins committed . I do not know how long I was in the tomb, but when I went into the church , I had a painful longing for salvation, heartbreaking longing to stay there , let me break up with Fr . It was beyond me to leave . Friends waiting for me in the car because I did not understand nimic.Credeau nuts that go through a crisis of mystic delirium . In a second I left behind everything: a brilliant career , a nice home in Spring neighborhood in Bucharest , luxury and all the vanities of age. I gained infinitely more : aid and comfort to Father . ( Mother Mary – Man . Prislop )

Tips and exhortations of Father Arsenie :
– Diseases start -hearted mind from the world view of mental imbalance .
– Paralysis usually strikes those insatiable wealth and can be inherited.
– Usually passion cancer who do not fast before. Cancer still has no cure and there is no other explanation than as a brake punishing of fornication stomach. It seems that he is punished by food greed and immorality ancestry .
– Ageing him a tomb Help … Do not book to trouble.
– Smoking weakens not only the lungs but also the mind of man , that faith did not see so clear.
– The sick disease to diet instead of fasting.

Father Arsenie advising us that when we have a problem to say the Lord’s Prayer 9 times .
our Father
In heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom
Thy will be done
As in heaven and on earth
Our daily bread every day
Give us this today
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive our debtors
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For Thine is the kingdom
Power and Glory
In the Name of the Father
The Holy Spirit
Amen .

He often advised to say the above prayer ( Our Father ) and mental prayer – “Lord Jesus Christ , Son of God, have mercy on me on me … ( name) ” .

These two prayers can be easily retained and can be said at any time, at home , on the street, on the road, etc. . Saying this prayer silently or aloud began to feel , start to miss when you look different reasons to tell them .


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