About what is light

op0urnmjnmpv by Count-Petr Vanicek

Those who respect the way of morality and understand why humans have their universal human rights, have my respect and have my help if they need it, no matter what is their nationality, religion, political view or gender. This is the way of humanity as a species of intellectual beings, that sharing understanding and friendship.
Those who are not respect me, I’m not disrespecting them back, I’m understanding, that they just not on the same level of consciousness with me. I’m patient to those who disrespecting me, because if they not listening to me and harming me in that way or another, they will be punished by their deeds, everybody equal before universal laws of karma. When I’m making mistakes and I’m making, because I’m learning and evolving, I’m making one step back and I repairing myself, I’m repairing my mistakes, because I’m not happy if somebody offended by me. I’m happy when everybody around me happy and I will be better quiet in silence, than show my ego. If I’m to give and to make everybody happy, my ego will starve. My ego is the beast and I’m the owner of this beast, the owner of the beast must to be a master and this is the real purpose of life, to become master of yourself. Only master can feed his ego in the right direction, to feed ego in the right direction and to enjoy it means to give help to those in need: the sick, the poor and the stupid. I have patience for all those and I will succeed in my mission and in my purpose, no matter how strong and scary the opponent, Water always finds the way to break through, to the dry soil, for plants to grow. Wind always finds ways to collect and drop seeds into the rich Soil. Fire spreading Light in the darkness, not fire of hate and fear,because hate and fear is darkness, but Fire of Love(Insane love-unconditional), as much I have love inside me to share, this is how much I have love around me, and this is how much I have light, that exorcising darkness.
Light is Love.


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