Sometime scientist Ceausescu , scientist Obama today

aprilie2011 002Romania is well seen in America. Timisoara are training young Americans Mathematics Olympiad is convinced that our country is on the right track: The future of Romania is better than this“. Razvan Gelca (46 years) is one of the “brilliant mindsmade ​​in education communist Romania and now teaches mathematics at the highest level possible.

You, dear friends children and young people are the ones who have to do everything to make himself the latest knowledge in all fields to be tomorrow’s best builders of socialism, good workers, good technicians, good engineers, good teachers, top scientists in all fields Nicolae Ceausescu.

That could be read at the top of page 21 of the magazine ” flame ” , the number of 26 July 1985. It was a page dedicated to the best students in Romania that year. Among them – Razvan Gelca a passion for mathematics and fresh teenager winning the gold medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Helsinki . He was among the few ” scholars of tomorrow,” Ceausescu saw them spearhead the advancement of Romanian socialism .
Golden Generation Romanian mathematics

Years passed , Razvan Gelca high school, then the Faculty of Mathematics in Timisoara Revolution and the dream came Ceausescu’s nothing left for tomorrow Our scientists had no “tomorrow” . Living in mathematics in Romania 90s was practically impossible. With a CV seriously and international recognition , Razvan Gelca seen in 1991 before an equation with one unknown : country to emigrate. Choose American mathematician and his dream goes on. He obtained his doctorate of the University of Iowa , University of Michigan professor reached , then an associate professor at Texas Tech University. Convinced exceptional ability Romanian mathematician , Americans had given position coach U.S. Olympic Mathematics .

With two major awards in the window – “Outstanding Teaching Award” and “DC Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize ” – with thousands of pages written math books and magazines taken with two best-selling books in mathematics and remembrance page of the magazine ” flame ” , Razvan Gelca today lives a life of true Texan . Forget the numbers crossing the mountains of West Texas , grădinăreşte and walk with a camera to neck in search of landscapes. I spoke with Razvan Gelca about past and present and the future of Romania.

” In reviewing the article in the magazine ” flame ” I remembered my colleagues . I often think of them. Then , in 1985 , in Romania did not have much hope . I know I wished I could live in Mathematics ” Razvan Gelca story begins .
Resistance through education

In recent years there Ceauşescu regime resistance through culture . But in culture , there was a resistance through education . ” Education was resistance through education. Under the communists , education was the only wealth. Because it was based on competition and high standards of our education was very good . One can see that the large number of Romanian who found their brains working , unfortunately mostly in other countries , “says Romanian mathematician .

Mathematics has changed enormously in the last decades. First, the paper went on computers. And today , middle school students rhetorical question ” what I use math in life” is no longer valid . Mathematics is the bridge between all sciences , says Razvan Gelca . ” Youth who are passionate about math I would remind you that this is one of the foundations of the current civilization . I would suggest you explore new areas to be bold . With a good mathematical basis can turn in many directions. I think in the near future mathematical thinking based on logical reasoning and computing power will play an important role . ”

Why not turned in Romania Razvan Gelca

In the 22 years that have passed since he left Romania , Razvan Gelca had moments when he thought back . It did, and in moments of maximum honestly admits that it seems a wonder that Romania was accepted into the club of civilized countries (NATO , EU ) . Not returned because he realized that Romania does not yet know to enjoy the chance to be among the developed countries of Europe. “I do not know how to use it to the advantage
Our ” . Kind sees Romania overseas . It’s a different picture than the fatalism of the “we the slaves of Europe ” , which we used in public speeches . I asked , finally , the mathematician Razvan Gelca he sees the future of Romania and short answer, mathematically : ” Better than this ” .

” In mathematics , Romania is the valuable people . Romanian Mathematicians are
one of the best ambassadors of the country . Americans with whom I come in contact have a good opinion
about the country where I was born ”
Razvan Gelca , Romanian mathematician

from Viitorul Romaniei


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