Carlos the Jackal: terrorism, sabotage and intelligence in the Cold War


Terrorism has become a dominant our timeliness and can strike any of us at any time . Once considered “the war of the poor ,” terrorism is manifested today, overall the frustration soon as war and armed conflict classic beat as the main threat to national security . This development has occurred in the 20 -odd years since the disappearance of the bipolar world of ideological confrontation between East and West , a period of disintegration and rearrangement geostrategic underway. But terrorism as a phenomenon of modern history is closely tied to the Cold War era , when it erupted with extreme violence and adopted – in Europe especially – drapery ” revolutionary struggle against imperialism .”

Under this flag appeared and acted in 1970-80 emblematic character of modern terrorism : Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, became famous under the name of Carlos ” the Jackal ” . During his terrorist intersected with the interests and objectives of Security in Romania. There was a close collaboration teroristo – Securitate during which the “Jackal ” received substantial aid and executed missions established in Bucharest and Romania the ” peace-loving ” the Ceausescu regime acquired the stigma of state terrorism , exceptional achievement in all camp socialist .

The course will expose and detail this episode , still secret terrorist collaboration of Carlos ” the Jackal ” and security , but it will do in the context of the Cold War, the ” Euro- terror” years 1970-80 and external objectives of the Romanian espionage since . Framework will consist of a review of terrorist events from his first recorded as such in history, so far, both times being found , accidentally or not, in the Middle .


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