Rhetoric adapted to the context


Forming a speaker takes years . In just seven meetings the rhetoric provides a simple introduction to the subject, emphasizing three aspects : theory, examples , exercises . We briefly evoke some classical theory of rhetoric ( Plato , Aristotle , Cicero , Tacitus , Quintilian , Hermogen , Fénelon ) and practical advice of Dale Carnegie , we will read and comment on some famous speeches , we watch movies with famous speakers . Each student will give a short speech prepared in advance and another improvised in just a few minutes. Variety types of speech , stated from the start of the classics of rhetoric , the issue of adaptation to context. Situations where we are called to take the word in public can be extremely varied: from receptions and dinners, celebrations and funerals , political and academic debates meetings at exhibitions and book launches . In a world where rhetoric is virtually zero preparation , is quite a grain of savoir- faire to stand out.


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