Montaigne: anti-stres

Montaigne ‘s essays as a whole are a lesson ” Otium ” and ” nonchalance ” but condensed in the formulation we find in ” The ménager to Volonte ‘( III , 10) , true recipe against stress and burnout : ” I have great care to strengthen the study and discourse privilege of impassivity , already developed in me naturally “,” other than to be not just borrow you to get out of it “,” foreign matters to me I promised to take in his hand, not in lungs or liver , “” must play its role , but as the role of a character loan “,” the mask and apparently do not have a real essence “,” the mayor and Montaigne have always been two different things , clearly separated “,” abstinence action is often as generous as action . ” Montaigne is a 36 -year-old man who retired from the bench and from public life to devote to writing and philosophy understood as care of itself . But he was withdrawing his hyperactive : riding every day for several hours , oversee the production of the wine estate , read and write every day , trying to update every time recommendations ancient philosophers practices . Later, at 47 years was elected mayor of Bordeaux ‘s telling them all as Spirache in “Titanic Waltz ” , do not choose it because it is ” out of memory , without vigilance , without experience and without force ” ( defects , indeed, explains why it is ” without hatred , without ambition, without greed and without violence ” after all , paradoxically , the choice was very good ) . As mayor , Montaigne has done a good job in some areas was quite innovative . But no worries invaded left office as his father had done . Good people ‘s tendency to take too much on themselves and neglecting all themselves. But , says Montaigne , ” jamais bien nous conduisons us to Chose the nous sommes laquelle possédés et conduits ” (” never well run business that we possessed and driven ” ) . So efficiency is the key posting . Similarly Krishna tells Arjuna in the ” Bhagavad Gita ” .


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