“Pestilential ambition”

by Casa Paleologu
In the course of rhetoric hit me a dime while talking . Specifically, while I was reading his speech Brutus in ” Julius Caesar ” translated by Tudor Vianu ” because he was thirsty for power, I killed him ” (III , 2) . Shakespeare uses another word : “as He was ambitious , I slew Him .” To the modern reader it seems exaggerated and even unlikely for someone to be killed because he is “ambitious ” . Bag hand into the fire that speaking of ambition and being ambitious , Shakespeare had in mind two essays , Montaigne ‘s ” Des livres ” ( II , 10) and ” L’ Histoire de Spurina ” ( II , 33) . First , Montaigne speaks with immense admiration of the literary work of Caesar, but with one reservation : ” sauf les Couleurs de quoi il veut fausses to cover, spread over mauvaise cause et l’ ordure of his pestilent ambition ” (” except under false colors who wants to cover due to its ambitions pestilenţialei fateful and trash ” ) . In the second essay Montaigne extensively analyzed the effects of ambition , and Caesar is his example of his pillows . All the wonderful qualities – his intellectual , moral , military were ” altérées et par cette furieuse étouffées ambitieuse passion ” (” altered and suffocated by this angry ambitious passion ” ) . An obvious source for reflecţille montaignene the ambition is Salust ‘s preface to ” Conspiracy of Catiline ” the moralist historian identifies ” ambitio ” and ” avarice ” ( greed ) as the main causes of the corruption of the Roman Republic . So much only Salust , partisan of Caesar , not blowing a word about Caesar’s ambition . His considerations are general , while Montaigne customize , because he is interested first of all great men as men .


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