The best violinist

The best violinist in the world under 28 years ROMANIAN IS , but Romania has not heard of him

Talent is not enough to be famous in Romania . A shows the story of a Romanian violinist . Razvan Stoica received the most prestigious award in the industry : New Talent Award , awarded to the best performer under 28 years old in the world.

Even if the foreign charmed his talents , authorities in Romania have not heard of him. That is not never played artist on stage in our country.

Razvan has climbed the pinnacle of success in the Netherlands, where he lived for 10 years. His talent and Stradivarius , won in an international competition , won him this month , the most important title: New Talent Award in Bratislava , offered the best performer under 28 years.

“This is a unique award . Award No 2, 3 . ‘s Perhaps the most important award ever won by a Romanian artist ,” said Caesar Marin heritage expert tools Ministry of Culture .

The Carnegie Hall in New York , rushed to invite him to give a concert next year. Violinist has full agenda , but no appearance in Romania .

Also an anonymous e and the Ministry of Culture . However , this interest in music is almost nonexistent : no counselor in the field for years.


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