God’s Spirit Science Mathematics of Jordan Duchnycz

Do not believe anything I’ve talked about the science of the spirit or whatever. Simply experience alone.

In Lesson 6, we have made ​​an introduction to sacred geometry , the Flower of Life . We have looked at the pattern of how the genesis and form fruit of Life , the pattern of which appears all physical matter of existence. I came out of the sacred geometry for some lessons and now we return . I mentioned a couple of times as the Flower of Life can be found in music and harmonics of all that exists . Let’s find out how it works, right?

Ok , first I want to show how Phi and Fibonacci * are important to what we were discussing , and I’ll show you what you need to continue, and if you want to study in more depth , I will provide comments and sources.

Phi , which is also known as the golden ratio is a very simple relationship . If you take a stick and mark a point on it, only 2 points marked proportion Phi , who is from here to here . The report is exactly 1,618 and so on . Length of A + B is equal to the length of C. So this report is 1.61803399 continue indefinitely. If you multiply the length of C with PHI , will create exactly the same image but bigger. C and D is equal to E. This report is therefore to stretch on forever – becoming smaller and increasingly higher. The report is infinite, without beginning and without end . It is also believed that Phi is the root of all other mathematical sequences . You see, every math sequence that exists needs a minimum of 3 numbers to be created . Phi needs only 2 . Alone. Just as the circle and the square are the source of all – but we’ll get to that later .

The next thing you need to understand is that the report is , in a way , everywhere in life. When I say somehow , I mean it’s definitely Fibonacci , but we’ll get to that right away. Look at your hand. Not only does each finger has its own relation to the next , that PHI , and oscillates back and forth from the smallest finger to the thumb . Wondering why the human hand is it? It is based on Phi . This relationship is found throughout the body, in many ways , the hands and feet, the face , everywhere! This Greek statue shows this correctly . The Greeks were very precise in their art as understood Phi , the Fibonacci sequence and the importance of these sequences . When the Romans conquered Greece, see the perfection of statues , simply disappeared . I’m not saying artists Romans were stupid , but they do not measure the same precision with which the Greeks were doing .

Here is Phi proportion to butterflies – you can see everywhere – from the size of the wings to the body, to the antennae – everywhere is Phi proportion . Here dragonflies . Same story , phi is found throughout the body and the relationship between body and wings. Here we see the frogs – is found in the body, the relationship of the head with your arms and fingers . But what about the fish ? You think that is not found in fish . Here we see the three species of fish , again the proportions are constant. Not only is found in these creatures , but regardless of species – mammals , insects , birds , plants or any other living creature – in one way or another, come across it. There’s a reason for that – and we’ll get right on it. Let me show you quickly the importance we attach to the golden proportion .

In the past we have built many structures that were based on Phi , because they understand the divine proportion . Here we Yakushiji temple pagoda in Japan – was built with the same math – the door until the ball in its tip. Structural embodies the proportion of all that is life . Greek Pantheon has the same mathematical structure even more. If you want to know more about it , I recommend you watch ” Secrets Pantheon ” on Nova – is extremely fascinating what they found ! Gizah pyramid is actually more like proportions than the last two mentioned structures . I am incredibly precise – perfect in every respect. You’d think so careful construction of these structures , as logical and mathematical proportions would brake creativity behind these buildings – but actually is not. In fact, the understanding of left brain node linked to all these things can leverage creativity , if used correctly. That makes me wonder what ‘s wrong with the modern world famous buildings . Phi can be one of the determinants that make them stand out ?

Let us now move on to the next sequence , called the Fibonacci sequence . Now , the Fibonacci sequence is how life creates golden ratio . Let me explain . This series is built racking previous number to the current issue . 1 +1 = 2. 2 +1 = 3 . 3 +2 = 5 . 5 +3 = 8 . See how it works. What most people do not know about Fibonacci is, in fact , approaches, continuous and increasingly more, Phi proportion . If you divide the current , at last, see what happens . 1:1 = 1 . Well not really close in the least . 2:1 = 2 . This time is more than Phi , but it’s close. 3:2 = 1.5 which is smaller but closer. 5:3 = 1.6666 – is higher, but still close . Continuing we have 1.6, then 1.625 , 1. 615 384 , 1.619048 , and so on . Continues to oscillate above and below the proportion Phi , defeat its never him , but approaching increasingly more each time until, at some point you can not tell the difference . Because Phi is an infinite number , this sequence goes to infinity.

Let’s take some spirals in nature – otherwise they may manifest Phi and Fibonacci . This is the Nautilus shell . Many people will say that is Phi , but the fact is Fibonacci . See how it is in the initial stages – raw / unprocessed – not smooth or otherwise. Take a look and you realize that it is not Phi . But go ahead and then further , approaching increasingly more Phi and becoming an almost perfect spiral , until they get it . The same thing happens with sunflowers, pine cones and other plants in nature . In many cases , like pine cones and sunflowers , flowing into a double helix or more , like the spiral arms of the galaxy . In microcosm or macrocosm , everywhere find spirals.

So in math , Phi is essentially the source , or Spirit or God. Yeah ! Mathematics of God. Do not forget that this sequence is an intimate part of nature itself. I’ll name the source, but Phi spiral is essentially spiral God. It is the source of all mathematical sequences and whole life there , increases based on Phi . However, Phi has no beginning and no end . It’s like Source would say Go and duplicate it and know how spuneNu life because life does not know how to create from something that has no beginning. So create the Fibonacci sequence that has a beginning, but starts rough / brutal and then continue approaching increasingly more Source , becoming with every step , more divine . Still do some steps , and this is linked to our evolution . Let ‘s move on for now.

The other series that you should know is the binary string . This is a string that 2 , 4, 8, 16 , 32 – double last number instead collect it from the previous one. We are all familiar with. Binary sequences are found also in life – for example, mitotic cell division is binary . We go from being born with only one cell at one of more than 100 trillion cells in only 46 cell divisions . After working binary sequences computers , closing and opening chips . At least the core is binary computers . Ok , we will , for now, to something different , but what I just found out it will reveal in time.

Ok , it looks usually a polar chart , divided into 36 radial rays in angles of 10 degrees, which is 360 degrees. Concentric circles draw the same distance from each , creating 8 equal demarcation , as before , considering the inner circle as the first . Think of what it represents – is a two-dimensional drawing , of a three-dimensional sphere , one of the sacred forms , projected onto a surface. It is also called shape -shade and shadows is a sacred design to obtain information . Also, polar chart contains both straight lines ( masculine ) and circular ( feminine ) . Both energies feminine and masculine at the same time interact .

If you draw the golden number from grade 0 of the polar chart , will make a loop around before getting back to 0 just in the eighth circle. You will find that the number of gold through five specific places before going outside . These are places where women meet circular lines with masculine lines . It crosses the 120 degrees , 190 degrees, 240 degrees, 280 degrees, and then jumps to 360 and back to 0 , depending on how you look .

What is interesting is that this creates both a binary sequence , and the Fibonacci sequence . If you look radiating from the center, they go through 1, 2 , 3, 5 and 8. That is the Fibonacci sequence ! But it went through 2, 4 and 8 . Well this is binary ! I will analyze , in particular binary sequence as what you is very nice . If you draw lines from the outermost circle , where lines form to binary sequences , you get the picture. It is an equilateral triangle . If you continue spiral in outward will continue to achieve exactly the same point and form continuous largest equilateral triangles .

Let’s digress a little , to show you something interesting. A man called Keith Critchlow discovered something very important for understanding the geometry of music. First, he drew a line with a triangle , then measured the middle line and draw a line to the top edge of the top and then down to the corner from here. He repeated this, on the other side. You can do this on either side . By drawing this form tiny strange , he discovered something very important .

He says keep it and every success will be the harmonic proportion of proportion anterior and total length , and these proportions will have musical significance : is ½ octave , 2/ 3 is the fifth , 4/ 5 is the third major 8/9 is tone throughout and 16/17 is half ton . In other words , he discovered music geometries – or at least their appearance .

Then he tried to measure otherwise , from another point of the central line at ¾ and found that the measurements were 1/7 , 1/4, 2/5 , 4/7 , 8/11 and 16/19 – all these numbers are significant in music. That’s very interesting – it means that musical harmonics are related , somehow , the proportions of the median , passing through a tetrahedron .

Returning to the polar chart , see immediately that this design has a much higher value . Not only that , it is even easier to do measurements , thanks to graph polar . You can draw a direct line from the graphic design and you get the center line .

This information will lead to light-years from what I’ve shown so far. A research team has discovered that you can draw these lines , not only in the center , but in each nodal point of the upper triangle , thus obtaining all existing harmonics . In essence , this means that anywhere the straight lines and curves meet, from 0 to 120 degrees , if you start to draw the pattern , you get all the known harmonic systems . Not just the keyboard west , but on the eastern and even some that were never used . Since there are a musician, not a lot I have to show , on this topic , but I really want to see what a musician might do with that knowledge . How far can you take this ?

Ok , running out of time , so I’ll end with this discovery . Do you remember when we talked about spirit , I said that in nature they travel in couple – usually male and female. So on this graph polar , if you were to copy nature, not just draw a spiral , but two. When you do that, you get this picture , which as I mentioned in Lesson 7, stellate tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere and is known as the Star of David .

Do you remember the girl from Mars ? Of course , NASA says it’s just a random formation of the planet’s surface. But very close to the face, there are some pyramids and other structures anthropomorphic . I know what you think ! Does God speak to me, suddenly this? Well, Richard Hoagland and his colleagues studied a long time to decipher the message to the Red Planet surface . Want to know what ‘s the message? It’s a stellate tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere ! God, do not you ? If you want to know more , in the comments section you will find a link to all this information. It’s crazy, but one revealing in light of this new information about

what really is . Perfect tetrahedron inside out into another one. We enroll increasingly more tetrahedra veins , inside or outside the other tetrahedra veins , just as the golden ratio spiral can take place forever, around the polar chart , the scale larger or smaller. Notice how the smaller tetrahedra around this sphere perfect place ! Look at that ! If you draw spheres of the same size , with the center at the top of each tetrahedron veins, guess what occurs ? Fruit of Life ! S back ! Egyptians but also say that this form of Ascended Masters is one of the most sacred and holiest of all existence ! Of course , I’ve already talked about one of its information systems , in Lesson 6 . What you just saw is the second , but in reverse order. This means that all information in music – harmonics , sounds and spirals – appear in this image. And not only this, but also light, dimensional systems works like harmonics – we talked about this already in lessons 2, 7 and 9. This means that information about light and geometrical dimensions is also linked to star tetrahedron pattern .

So in short , if we look at this picture that I presented in Lesson 7, we have the fourth discovery in the Flower of Life – an infinite spectrum of Life Fruits of Life inside other fruits . That is the discovery size , so it ‘s a little clearer now. I do not have time to show you something else today, but what you have just seen is the second discovery in the third rotational pattern of Genesis . Geometric center of creation .


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