Dark side of the world

A merchant of the East sat in his shop where he sells tea. His neighbor , younger , announced : ” I’m getting married soon and am very excited. You do not ever think to marry ? ”

The merchant replied, “Yes , I thought . And when I was young I wanted very much. I wanted to find the perfect wife . We started to find it and went to Damascus. There I met a beautiful woman, full of grace, distinguished and very spiritual , but not much was taken out in the world. I then started on the road again , heading to Aleppo me . There I met a woman as spiritual as it is modern , beautiful in many ways, but fail to communicate. I finally went to Cairo and , after much searching , I found it. It was deep , hardworking , intelligent and beautiful as an angel. I felt that I found the perfect woman . ” ” Then why do not you take a wife ? ” Asked the merchant unhappy friend . ” Poor me , tea vendor said shaking his head. And her husband look ideal. ”

In relations between spouses, between colleagues at work or in any circumstance where more people are involved , not everyone wants it, but the other is perfect. We always want the other to be complete .

We expect another effort in shaping his character , just another reminder task of us enjoy the spiritual gifts he acquired . Forget that the others may have the same demands on us, as we claim from them. Therefore, accepting the other as friend or spouse means to receive his way of being, with its diversity, with its flaws and do not copy any of our crazy dream .


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