EU Council suggests ‘expeditious examination of proposal for full liberalization of wine imports from Moldova’

EU Council meeting
Meeting in on October 18 in Luxemburg, the Foreign Affairs committee of the Council of the European Union said that they “took stock of preparations regarding the trade aspects of the EU’s association agreements Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine ahead of an Eastern Partnership summit.”

According to a press release, summing up the items debated by the committee, the possible deliverables for the summit planned for November 28-29 in Vilnius include the signing of an Association Agreement/DCFTA with Ukraine and the initialing of Association Agreements/DCFTAs with Moldova and Georgia.

The committee also mentioned that similar agreements with Armenia are “not foreseen.”

They stressed the significance of initialing DCFTAs with Moldova and Georgia and looked forward to signature as soon as possible.

“The presidency highlighted that, in the Council’s view, implementation of these agreements will bring strong benefits both to the EU and to the partner countries: It noted the importance of the reform process and the role of business community in this respect,” the participants said.

With regard to Moldova, the ministers stressed the importance of “expeditious examination of the Commission’s proposal for full liberalization of wine imports from Moldova into the EU.”

Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos announced last month that the EU is likely to remove any import quotas for wine originating from Moldova. According to Mr. Ciolos, the relaxation in import quotas would take place before the signing of the Association Agreement.


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