A calendar with pictures that would illustrate the Romanian priests in provocative poses is touring the blogosphere. Reaction Patriarchate

A calendar that would illustrate several Romanian priests in indecent poses is extensively commented in the blogosphere, reports Huffington Post. “Romanian Orthodox Calendar” includes “12 files seductive with Orthodox priests and their guests,” says the official website, which has a Romanian version.

Romanian Patriarchate believes that the photos “Romanian Orthodox priests alleged in situations unworthy” is a “manifest intent to slander and defamation of orthodox ministers.”

“Originally published on a site administrator unknown indecent pictures models posing as Orthodox priests in several countries shows obvious intention of slandering and defaming Orthodox servants of the authors who want to promote and justify their own ideology. Therefore not worth further comment, “it said in a statement issued by the Patriarchate AFP.

“In the first edition of 2013 is found the stories of 12 young men very masculine and their guests from various parts of Eastern Europe. All are open-minded and, in addition devotion to the Church, I think it is important to be seen as individuals who embrace diversity, “presented calendar, which costs 10 euros.

“At a time when the Church is torn by corruption scandals, hidden homosexual relationships, outrageous behavior, and homophobia, some of its members have agreed to pose for defending what is beyond religious garb that they wear: normal people with passions, preferences, interests and desires, “the authors explain the controversial calendar.

by gandul.info


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