God spoke to me one day

God spoke to me one day : “Come into the woods and I will know . ” We left as soon as we scoured the forest far and wide, but the Lord anywhere. The other day , the Lord says: ” Make a fire and sit close to him and I will know . ” We gathered wood immediately, we made a big fire . Going around, I burned my hair and my skin is glowing , but the Lord did not come . Sadness swept over me , kneeling and praying night until one day when the Lord gave me the story again : ” Go into the house that poor man from the village , take the bread and food , say words of comfort , and I will show thee . “We took bread, cheese , eggs , flour , corn and grapes and went immediately to see the man and his family. I gladly received , we cheered , ate with everyone in the house , I cried for joy , but I seek the Lord through the house and yard by yard , but nowhere … I cried bitterly Lord … ” God, where you? … ” was all I could say … my tears flowing streams and suffer. “Lord, show yourself or I die ! I earnestly searched but I found nothing to live ? ” In my grief , the Lord spoke to me : ” You have traveled far and wide in the forest , but the greatness of my creations … you never saw o Sparks of fire and have hot body but my power … you do not feel it. I was with you at the table, we rejoiced together, but you do not me … You saw me . I was my baby . So close to you. ”



Dekany Alexandru Tiberiu

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