ROYAL ORDER OF Heredom Kilwinning and true Scottish Masonry

January . About the meaning of the name of the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom

Royal Order of Heredom name of Kilwinning has a number of meanings too little known that , when disclosed, reveal occult aspects of history, of tradition and its parentage .
The word ” Heredom ” has aroused the interest and curiosity of many researchers who have formulated several theories and interpretations related to it , some plausible , others quite doubtful .
Noted French writer René Guénon Mason and was elaborated on the meaning of the word ” Heredom ” several times in his works .
First we have shown that all assumptions based on the root of this word, formed by consonants ” HRDM ” . As the Arabic or Jewish , meaning that it has this root differs according to the different voice which is interposed between those consonants .
Thus were established the following:
1 ) HeiRDoM , English word meaning ” heir ” or ” follower ” .
2 ) hier Dömös , mixed word – Greek and Latin – which means ” sacred house ” , equivalent to ” temple.”
3 ) Harod , word of Hebrew origin , and its Supraintendenţii appoint supervisors during construction work King Solomon’s Temple ( Kings II) as the leaders of a Lodge .
On the other hand , we must remember that the Scottish town of Kilwinning is famous for both its old slaughterhouse – culdee Celtic influence , as well as its ancient operative Lodge , the oldest of which there are written records .
Thus , according to the meanings mentioned above , the following interpretations:
1) The Royal Order ” Heritage ” or ” followers ” Abbey and / or the Lodge of Kilwinning .
2) The Royal Order of the Temple ( sacred house , abbey ) of Kilwinning ( built lodge that ) .
3 ) Royal Order of senior officials of the Lodge of Kilwinning .
As you can see , all these variants , far from being excluded , are perfectly complementary and highlights aspects of Christian and Masonic Templar Royal Order of .

February . About four cornerstones of ancient Freemasonry Heredom

Heredom Royal Order of Kilwinning is the successor of the old medieval brotherhood gathered around the Abbey of Kilwinning , Scotland, in 1140 DC This abbey housed his officials , masters and architects working for the San Winning Tyrone monks who were storage -Christian spirituality Celtic Culdee Church . Later operative Lodge MENTIONED abbey was united with the Knights of St. Andrew the thistle, the successor of Templierismului in Scotland after the fourteenth century , the order founded by King Robert the Bruce , after the Battle of Bannock – burn ( June 24, 1314 ) to protect the Templars who fled to Scotland to escape persecution and helped mentioned decisive battle.
Initiatory lineage of the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom meet current four traditional Western esotericism , which are the four foundation stones that support the building. They are :
1) The current Solomon legend transmitting building of Solomon’s Temple .
2) The current Pythagorean , transmitting knowledge of Sacred Geometry .
3) The current hermetic , passing the Royal Art , Alchemy.
4) The current Templar sending cavalier way through high degrees related Scottish Stuart dynasty and Lodges ” Jacob”
Royal Order of practice which in the eighteenth century was called the Early Grand Scottish Rite ( Scottish Rite Grand Primitive ) and heads are Lodges in his direct heir of the four current above.

Three . About doctrinal and traditional Royal Order

In the chaos and confusion reigning at the end of the current cycle of humanity , Kali – Yuga , shall state clearly and clear certain points or ” Land- Markuri ” doctrine to the researchers explain this phenomenon as the potential candidates to want to join.
All our activities are based exclusively on Traditional esoteric as it was presented in French by René Guénon . We do not believe , however, that it had its own ideas or ” original ” but that , on the contrary , its immense merit is to be exposed , in modern language , the authentic doctrine and methods of Primordial Tradition as particular traditions of today , deriving from it . We believe that a particular tradition is alive possessing today and qualify legitimate representatives that can demonstrate an unbroken continuity , initiating a chain of people – in person – by that link its origins necessarily superhuman conditions that today very few organizations are undertaking initiatives.
Thus, under these conditions , are specific traditions , expectations and live : Hinduism , Buddhism , Taoism , Judaism , Christianity , Islam and Freemasonry (the latter being an initiation craft whose origins goes up to the beginning of civilization and the setting up of the first cities, and not be confused with diversion called ” Speculative Masonry ” , invented in London in 1717. )
Similarly, specific traditions are gone forever and impossible to be revived : Nordic tradition , the Greco – Latin , the Celtic shaman , druid and the present in all its forms . Not to mention the alleged ” tradition of Atlantis ” to be taken against a net position , being necessary to remember the bad character of Atlantis disappeared in the depths of the ocean by divine punishment because of his priestly actions that have strayed from the right way, and her warriors …

In conclusion esoteric tradition, doctrine and its specific methods , aims to restore its original perfection of man , that he can – from this central point of his existence – to gain access to higher states of awareness through true Being smart: Heart Intelligence …

April . Freemasonry ancient history Heredom

Heredom Royal Order of Kilwinning is the heir of ancient initiatory lineages and is privileged to have received refugee Templar rituals and traditions in Scotland to escape persecution . After the destruction of the Templars in most of the countries of Europe , Knights of refugees in Scotland were protected and organized in order of the Thistle St. Andrew , set to them by King Robert the Bruce after the Battle of Bannock – burn ( June 24 1314) in order to render decisive support they gave him in that battle that marked the independence of Scotland. Later , they joined the Operative Lodges that kept the monks of Kilwinning Abbey tyronnezi . Order destiny was inextricably linked to that of the Stuarts , during both hereditary Grand Masters were family members Saint -Clair ( Sinclair ) of Roslin (or old spelling : Roslin ) , forming the core of ” Jacobite Freemasonry .” From Rosslyn Chapel , near Edinburgh , is a living proof of the old splendor of authentic Scottish Masonry – clearly Jacobite – the blend remains the order of the Holy Grail , the Templierismului secret Rosicrucian Lodges current operations and new .
After the defeat of the Stuarts – which led to the collapse of Rosslyn Sinclair family – Jacobite Freemasonry was persecuted mercilessly usurping dynasty to the thrones of Scotland and England . However, occult influence was felt during unification Masons clearly Scottish and Irish in Northern England in the so- called Grand Lodge of the ” Ancients ” , supported by the Dukes of Atholl , under the illustrious Mason Laurence Dermott . These traditional masons , called ” Ancients ” opposed for more than 60 years Masons “modern ” created by diverting generated by Pastor Anderson , Payne and Desaguliers .
Throughout his entire work , René Guénon dealt extensively Heredom or Scottish Masonry Masonry Jacob. So , for example, in his book ” Dante Esotericism ,” he examines the Royal Order of Scotland and its two high , respectively called ” Heredom ” and ” Rossy + Cross ” in Etudes sur la Franc- MACONNERIE et le Compagnonage appears famous article entitled ” Heredom ” where , among other options , Reminder word is linked to the English word ” heirdom ” ( inheritance ) , Guénon himself saying that it was ” legacy ” Templar . In his book ” Sacred Symbols of Fundamental Science ” , in one of his usual allusions , said in passing, but meaningful , Guénon points homonymy of ” Caledonia ” ( the old name for Scotland ) and mythological forest ” Calidoni ” which it is to assume that, in an era far removed , Scotland could host a spiritual center that is pulled directly from the primordial tradition , depending on the “Ultima Thule ” … Also, etymologically , ” Shetland ” literally means ” Land of Shet , ie ” Land Establishment ” .
You have to remember , again, that after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise allowed their son Seth to return to Eden to recover the Holy Grail …
On the other hand , it is known that the old Kilwinning Abbey was built by monks from the ancient monastery Icolm – Kil , located in the Scottish island of Iona , the monastery belonged to the mysterious Culdee Church , representative of a current pre -Roman and Celtic evangelize , directly off of oriental primitive Christianity . And we can not think of the story of Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus , who brought the Holy Grail of Jerusalem in the British Isles …
Finally, to mention what was considered until recently a secret traditional organizations of western esotericism : Jacobite Freemasonry served as a “cover ” for Templierismului occult currents existing in Scotland , being used to combat the deviation represented by Freemasonry speculative , since its origins . It’s about annihilation effects schism in London in 1717 by the addition to the three degrees of Freemasonry ” official” high degrees of which conveyed certain initiations knight , which , thanks links between Scotland ( Caledonia) , Ultima Thule and Templierismul surviving in the Stuart Dynasty , are perfectly generic name of ” Scots Masonry ” . In addition, we must add that all the above refers to the true Scottish Templar Freemasonry in XIV – XVII centuries , and has nothing to do with the so-called Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite , which, despite its name , is a creation late in 1804.

May . About Christian specifics of the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom

Faced with the possibility that some Masons – Other Obedience – be puzzled by ceremonies , vows and our rituals with eminently Christian and given the few and minuses of existing information about Royal Order Heredom and anticipating rating of “missing universality ” that we will assign it some, shall specify the following :

• Those who created the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom as legitimate representatives of the Scottish Masonic Templierismului , put him under the seal of Gnostic Christianity , whose traditions , rituals and beliefs were rediscovered by the Knights of the Temple in Jerusalem , both by contacts with Muslim Sufis and the Eastern Christian Churches , and the discoveries made in the former temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD
• The message of Christ is universal , and this character is highlighted by the three kings offering his birth Magi : gold, frankincense and myrrh , which is triple power : royal priestly and prophetic of Jesus Christ. Through its priestly , ” according to the Order of Melki – Tsedek ” Jesus inseparably united Christianity with Tradition Primordial Paradise , as revealed in his writings René Guénon .
• Another reason firmly maintain the Christian character of Freemasonry Heredom was facing massive and rapid de- Christianization of the original operative rituals resorted opportunists who created the Grand Lodge of London , which required taking decisive action defense of Tradition .
• Recall, in this context , the testimony Illustrious Brother Joseph de Maistre , Rectified Scottish Rite great teacher who , in a letter to the Duke of Brunswick- Luneburg , in 1782 , refers to ” primitive Christianity ” and states that “the true religion has more than 18 centuries ” and that it ” was born with the birth of time … ”
Even though the Royal Order has its inception Templar Christian character and he does not oppose receiving in its ranks , some candidates belonging to other traditions regulation provided that they :
1) To be capable of physically , mentally and spiritually ;
2 ) has been informed and accept explicitly Christian character reminded that indelible mark of the Royal Order , without this oblige to convert in any way.

Of course, atheists can not receive those that are part of all other deviant pseudo- modern spirituality (so-called Masonry ” modern “, ” control “, ” secular “, ” liberal ” , etc. . , New type movements – Age, Wiccan , Shaman , etc).
Royal Order Heredom not conduct any political activity , leaving all its members the opportunity to pursue such activities individually .

June . About what is and what is not ancient Masonry Heredom

Heredom Royal Order of Kilwinning is the primitive form of Scottish Jacobite Freemasonry and is a tributary Knights Templierismului developed on a Masonic affiliation .
There is much prior to the occurrence of two major rites called ” Scottish “, which were established after its occurrence , namely:
. Rectified Scottish Rite , organized by Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1782 .
. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite , held in Charleston in 1804 .

Scottish Jacobite Freemasonry disappeared from the profane history after the bloody battle of Culloden -Moor ( 1746 ) , which was destroyed by force definitively legitimate royal house of Stuart .
Following the massacre at Culloden , Sir Charles Ratcliffe , lord of Derwent Water , and Grand Master of the Masonic Scottish Jacobite , along with other eminent Masons , was beheaded with an ax in the Tower of London on December 8, 1746 .
A few years later , elements of the former Jacobite Freemasonry gathered and created the Ancient Freemasonry ( Grand Lodge of Atholl ) led by illustrious Fr. • . Laurence Dermott (1752) , in the forefront of Irish Masons , the Scottish and north of England , faced with modern deviaţioniştii hardness , represented by the Grand Lodge of London (1717) created by Pastor James Anderson.
Nowadays, the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom restored not only spiritual aspect Royal Art promptness but – compliance with the recommendations and criticisms Brother René Guénon throughout his entire work – the grinding and rituals used in harmony with traditional immutable principles of Operative Masonry , modern drift past 1717. As such , they were ” burned between columns ” all writings illegitimate ideological , social , political, moralistic , sentimental , and so on , which have infiltrated desecration speculative “modern” .
The Royal Order kept the traditions , usages , customs and ancient rituals Operative Masonry which they bequeathed his ancestors . Therefore, its Constitutions are not written by Pastor Anderson , but old Duties (Old Charges ) of operative Masons , namely manuscript called ” Inigo Jones ” .

From the foregoing, it follows that Heredom old Masonry is :

. A traditional esoteric Order Occidental , which transmits Starting Hand surgery and that he received custody of the heir ( Heredom = Heirdom ) of knightly and priestly lineages . Like any genuine esoteric order , it has a super- human origin where it came from his spiritual influence , transmitted through an unbroken chain of initiates. From Ancient Operative Masonry and the Scottish Jacobite Templierismul , receives its Lodges , under certain conditions, men and women able to receive initiation, equal in rights and duties .

Likewise, that old Heredom Masonry is :

. A civil society profane purposes as human progress , humanitarian aid, secularization , liberalism , etc. . , And other ideologies of modern Western philosophy .
. A special system of morality , be it ” clothed in allegory and illustrated by symbols. ”
. A religion or a substitute for it.
. A religious sect of any religion may be.
. A secret society which to plot conspiracies and plots .
. A means of social ascent of the profane world .
. A center of political activity , more or less exclusive .

In view of this, the Royal Order of Masonic Fraternity Heredom not reject ideas and recognize them as brothers and sisters in other Masons initiated obedience, even if they do not follow the same “Land -Mark Sites ‘ and receives the visitors at work Workshops its .
On the other hand , knowing the situation constraints and limited freedoms that are members of Obediences brothers modern speculative because of false ideas ” regular ” administrative deviation coming from andersoniană in 1717 do not require reciprocity from those who lodges open doors our traditional masonry to know its true principles restored .

July . About the true principles of Traditional Freemasonry exposed by René Guénon

Modern Freemasonry or Speculative appearance in 1717 with the organization of the United Grand Lodge of London , as a result of manipulation Pastor Anderson , gave a severe blow Masonic tradition . This deviation led to modern , a few years later , the unification of operative Masons , led by the eminent Fr. • . Laurence Dermott , which constituted the Grand Lodge of ” Ancients ” to keep the old traditional habits .
It is clear that the roots are in Freemasonry Masonic Tradition previous operation in 1717 , and the Grand Lodge of London was schismatic and irregular ” ab initio ” . This clarification needed – but little known – sits Masonic regularity problem in its true perspective : the emergence of modern Freemasonry or Speculative is undermining the traditional order , originating in secular interference policy as an unfortunate consequence of dynastic and religious wars in the British Isles .
Therefore all Speculative Masonry is irregular since its origins both in the branch ” Anglo -Saxon ” oriented Protestant moralism and branch ” Latin ” , drawn from the previous self-titled progressive , liberal or secular .
Illustrious Fr. • . René Guénon was a true Master Force ” in all ranks ” , being the first to shed light on this issue by putting the problem in terms of its correct : the truth about the Masonic tradition to be found in Ancient Masonry before 1717 , and the only way put ” Ordo ab Chao ” in disorientation that reigns today .

So , returning to the National Grand Lodge of Romania Joint , we must say that one of the rites practiced in its Primitive Scottish Rite is just one that descended in the direct line of the Royal Order of Kilwinning Heredom above.
This Rite were created over time , two , also practiced in our Obedience :
– Rectified Scottish Rite , the Mason opinion can discern , the watermark , the doctrine of the Spirit Reintegration Pleroma Universal Martinez stated by the rites Pasqually and inserted it by its creator , Jean -Baptiste Willermoz ;
– Rite CERN authentic version of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite , with the origin knights Templar rituals , unaltered , unlike subsequent changes in the late nineteenth century , by Albert Pike , which destroyed virtually all mystical and esoteric meaning Rite , subordinating it to a theatrical episodes of the Old Testament.
In addition to these three Scottish Rites , coming , as we have seen , the true Masonic tradition , our most practical Obedience :
– Oriental Masonic Rite of Memphis- Misraim and corrected , based on ancient Egyptian Freemasonry , Hermetic , Pythagorean and priestly whose mysteries were circulated in Egypt , Hellas and ancient Rome to the present day , in the small of some noble families peninsula Italy, Germany and southern France ;
– Rite of Swedenborg , special rite in Freemasonry Universal from theosophical system of the great Swedish lighting Emmanuel Swedenborg, the eighteenth century rite created and developed later in the nineteenth century , the British and American his followers .
Here, then , that through everything we do , we divide the vein strictly authentic traditions , we clearly delimited and unequivocal doctrinal errors generated pseudo- Masonry ” knife and fork ” today .
Our Medal character is demonstrated by its administrative structure , which rejects any “democracy” modern , evidenced by the absurd and pest system ” free elections ” that come often led those without genuine qualities , but with powers greater financial . A true follower Synarchy order initiative as a form of combat Anarchy , which sits above the spiritual authority of material power , generating a pyramid structure for the exercise of leadership , whose members are appointed , not elected . A squire can not choose Knight , an initiate can change initiator that gave this gift to another, nor can they judge the faults or qualities as a son should not judge their parents or family of birth and can not change the other. The authentic initiation systems , there is nothing ” random ” but everything is proceeding according to a divine plan , so everything should be taken as such. An event is ” happening” in ” neîntâmplător ” where and when to take place , and it ought not to doubt nor space nor the time of its manifestation , because they are physical expressions , materials of intentions spiritual outside our sphere of perception.
Therefore, any organization that deals with worldly things , ” earth ” , be they business , shares in the sphere of social, political , economic, charitable or benevolent activities , has nothing in common with ORDERS initiative and therefore the true Traditional Masonry .
Similarly, the promotion of ” democracy ” as it is understood by the European bourgeois revolutions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries until today, either by holding the leadership of the order or decision by a vote of its leaders is a serious offense the very raison d’être of these companies , which disqualifies them automatically exclude them from among the authentic Tradition preserves the universe.
Finally, sexual discrimination , exclusion of women from the members with equal rights , the so-called ” Masonic Regular” does not prove than their enfeoffment dogmas of the Christian Church retrograde type Latin , Western , and ignoring the divine principle of dualism which produce reintegration and return to Unity Pro- Pater transcendent origin. Let us not forget that both Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene and the other prophets Gnostics ( Simon Magus , for example, with his companion , Elena , etc. . ) Showed by example how staff interpreted especially practiced knowledge whereby man may approach his creative principle .
There would of course be much to add . Like the fact that the initiation involves direct contact , physically , between the initiator and the initiated , making nonsense like ” initiations online” or by post, or the self based on a ritual initiations received thousands of miles away to be placed where they belong : in the trash of modern and contemporary history . Or , again, emphasizing the need to create a small group of true insiders at the expense of ” mass initiations ” that make certain Obedience to count thousands of followers , and fight desperately to attract each other.


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