Public Diplomacy – German perception rests on the middle of Angela Merkel

It is obvious that the world is changing and becomes even where things seemed to be unchanged.

Public diplomacy through antennas which it spread all over the world , especially through capacity analysis is obliged to draw conclusions that may be helpful in understanding the ongoing processes in the international system to which we belong , especially to shoot conclusions to learn and do not explain things to us … the experience of others .

For elections in Germany ended recently and that ended with a predictable victory for Angela Merkel , today there are new questions and justified . These days Angela Merkel starts third term as Chancellor of Germany , and only those who do not understand how it works ” middle way” masterfully managed by former and current leader of Germany may be problems with the solution together into government.

A legitimate question , however, arises when looking for answers on viable solutions of Germany after 2017 , ie after the end of the last financial predictable power under the sign of Merkel. Hard, very hard it is anticipated solution , especially in the current circumstances end of last term but not out of the question , but a constant change and deep perception of German society on political parties.

Some analysts say that Berlin might opt ​​for Vienna recipe , but others are afraid of the light synthesis of a new political force in Germany to coalesce a very large mass of people, a force to gather bits erosion bipolar system . I believe that no one and no other solution can not be taken into account until we clarify whether Berlin and this time choose to patent an own ” recipe ” – a solution which however can not describe the moment.

The fact is that right- wing politics in Germany has seen a crash in 1957 at the 50.2% from 41.5% last week still left collapsed and more – from 45.8% to 1972, at 25.7% last week and FPD ( German liberals ) disappear in the Bundestag after a history that spans at least Inters 1949 until today . Of course FPD ‘s story is extremely RELV especially in terms of balance of power role who qualified to follow Demandees formation – but also should not surprise anyone if the German liberals will jump right in the area of Socialists to save themselves from an unprecedented situation for aa junge somehow indirectly financing Bundestag ( knowing that if they entered the parliament had no right to collect amounts from the state ) .

History of Romania liberal versatility could come in support of such a realignment on the left- liberal German – and not because liberals today Romanians PSD bridle country with a socialist government policy but especially for progressive liberals from us started by being the left ( Kogalniceanu etc ) have shown a right doctrine who achieved fleeting period of governance coexist today end up with left (again ) for the sweet taste of government . So if the Liberals were in Romania unimpeded path from left to right, would not produce in Germany with the same ease and right to left ?

Certainly Germany’s perception remains extremely strong and generally very good, but that perception is equally endorsed and guaranteed by Angela Merkel herself – anyone unable to predict how the international community will be reflected in the time separation ” lady” of the German establishment . Also anticipate that there will be no effect of the erosion and exhaustion while the big parties and traditional credibility in favor of synthesis of new political forces (some frightening as those in Austria and Hungary , some ridiculous accommodates the UK) to represent them on rebels , the uninhibited , the absent , on the street .. etc under agumentul that represents the pending power solutions . This course of history for young democracies of Europe may be the end , because , as we want to admit it or not , hence not yet left for communism and the speed and versatility of the old or new type of communism is no longer news to anyone .

We will wait and see …



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