” Public diplomacy action to optimize external perception of Romania abroad is the responsibility of each of us. ” Dan Dima

In Bucharest hosted the European Forum of Public Diplomacy which aims to address the issue in a professional foreign perception management , to popularize the concept of public diplomacy in the Romanian scientific environment and in the decision-making and business and not Finally, to achieve the transfer of expertise in public diplomacy Member area results on the field by the east European states . The event, organized by the Presidential Administration , aims to bring together at the same table , in addition to officials from the EU Public Diplomacy , heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest , and scientists from academia, business and media representatives media.

Journalist Dan chatted with a blunt Dan Dima , counselor in the Presidential Administration in Bucharest and we get some clarification on this event and how Romania is perceived in the world.

Mr. Dima First thank you for your kindness to me this interview and I propose to begin with a simple question. What is public diplomacy ?

I am honored and would appreciate meeting with you for your interest in the way in which Romania is preparing to address the external perception management professional topic .
Your question is short, but it is not simple – Ian Melissen , one of the most relevant specialists in Public Diplomacy in the Netherlands recently include hundreds of formulations of definitions for this science , this new diplomatic practice . I would say that it is science that manages the relationship between the nation state and foreign nations , is the art of make your state , the country and the nation a good image perception and useful in the world. If conventional diplomacy occurs between governments , public diplomacy comes to manage the relationship between administration and a new actor who transformed from passive spectator to the international life , the active player – the nation in general, foreign nations .

Who should use the concept of public diplomacy ?

Public diplomacy public addresses . That should be very clear. What I would like to mention here is that the American school , and lately even European school recognizes that this “public” is the foreign public . There are regulations that say in some states that public diplomacy is applied externally to the audience . Clearly, there is a temptation to expand it to internal puublicul , but I at least find that in this case the approach gets some ” encouragement ” and some “purpose” policy on the landing and in this case no public diplomacy but is something else.

What has been the forum for Romania ?

European Forum for Public Diplomacy was intended to be primarily a signal to the international environment . I wanted to say that now we sat at the table to discuss and debate the serious public diplomacy that we are able through the expertise gained at the highest level to evaluate what is our perception and we are ready to organize and host this forum every I – I wanted to invent a new vector for transfer of expertise and offer the place to be exposed to trends in European and world diplomacy .

On the other hand , do not want to hide that I wanted to bring the concept to the attention of decision- Romanian environment – I wanted to be explained in Romania by those above me explained to me and I understood by the relevant name of global public diplomacy and public diplomacy is mostly what is not. This part I did and say partially because if foreign diplomats in Bucharest and European specialists were in very great event , Romanian diplomats , experts and political executive vector , in part , avoided to attend. I hope next year to have more people in the ministries largely because their address information be discussed there.

Can public diplomacy to fundamentally change people’s lives ?

Yes , no doubt. Public diplomacy message carried for some state power , the supremacy , of excellence , of strength , of being. Citizens of those countries responsible approach their relations with foreign relations and especially on favorable conditions , favorable net . We give a few examples – an exporter of a state with a great perception abroad will sell better than the one coming from a state with a lower perception . A state with a positive perception will lend faster and cheaper than one with a poorer perception – this means faster development , lower costs , which undoubtedly is projected on people’s lives .
Public Diplomacy freedom and democracy transported thousands of miles from the United States – I mean when American public diplomacy cultivate democracy and Europe after the end of the Second World War, more consistent in the west and extremely skillful and efficient in the east , behind the Iron Curtain, through tools such as voice of America radio station . We can not doubt that these efforts we have changed and change people’s lives , and deeply effective .

Should be introduced in the Romanian academic concept of public diplomacy ?

Okay, sure thing – it happens all over the world . It is essential to have their own ” factory ” of specialists in this field. Now , for the sake of truth told to the end, in some Romanian universities are talking about public diplomacy – if you ask , they will also find great resonance alleged specialists in this field . But I would have more confidence in their turn form the shape of Western schools . Questions that would address them as: – Where have you been? or If you know so well what to do , where and how you have trained specialists to leave this country to reach perception so ? I do not wanna percepteti as a rebel , but I think we draw specialists to present and future profile must come from training systems connected to the present and future , not the past.
This is why I tried to get some scholarships for next year in the U.S. for Romanian specialists – training in the practice of public diplomacy , we will hold a summer institute in Brasov – where will free anyone who wants to participate (I mean the people working in the state ) , and this will teach teachers from Europe, the U.S. and China.
In my assessment this is a healthy start to train and educate public diplomacy specialists in our country.

Through public diplomacy , made ​​by professionals , we bring Romanian reality where actually ranks ?

This is a thesis presented at the Forum . Sure, this is the essence of public diplomacy purposes . Here I would like to point out two things – firstly that the reality is that interest today and kind words . Nobody believes words – everyone looking certainties , indisputable truths and able to form a perception. Propaganda is not no use in the globalized world . If 20 years ago could have been propaganda devil himself today in a globalized world, propaganda is impossible and unnecessary . You can pay 100 newspapers to praise you that 1000 will contradict other and wasting money unnecessarily . This is how things stand in terms of “reality” .
They say that the safest way to improve your public image is to become who pretending .
The reality of our country’s borders is much better than perception abroad. So stand lucrurlie mechanisms must be found urgently we can bring to the country people , opinion makers , journalists, tourists etc to see this reality better than perception , and they in turn transmit this perception obtained with their eyes on .
I said that we must act urgently and I accidentally threw the time- urgent because no guarantee that this state of affairs between reality and perception foreign country will live on forever . If the reality of the country will become , God forbid , worse than perception , then things became – in that case it works with other tools , it works with other costs.

Mr. Dima , a short documentary you can not help wonder about the concept of public diplomacy … Why now?

Public diplomacy occurs throughout the world as a solution to problems of perception in internationally. In the U.S. there mid 60s in Romania appears for the first time after the formation of the unit between the two wars, revitalize the work of external representation Ceausescu , Poland rushes in and lay the foundation for the 90 Polish public diplomacy – at which point ” is born ” Polish plumber wandering through western Europe but acceptable and better …. later assimilated by the West . Germany starts quietly after the end of World War recredibilizare offensive . Examples may continue.
In Romania I would have liked more than to start this offensive . Unfortunately I was not ready . My initiative to implement the concept in its universal meaning and not with ” Romanian ” last year MFA failed. The attempt failed, and last fall when we hope we can establish a Presidential Administration Office – at which time the Government considered it ( the Office ) is or may become another foreign ministry . The Romanian decizionalul time getting used to the idea. probably understood that all responsible states were organized on this subject and it is not one’s ambition but an obligation of the State responsible .
Public diplomacy rests on three important pillars – government , social and business . If the last two applicants for a long time professional and useful external representation of everyday life , a little late to the government plan . There is drama , I expected them too , although it is a compliment because , ideally that the decision to stimulate the progress of society , not society to push hard toward emancipation government to keep up with society. Of course this is just an opinion.

The forum was attended by representatives of the secret services in Romania. I refer to the SRI and SIE . You can specify what their role in the concept of public diplomacy ?

In my opinion SRI and SIE are two of the most serious of our institutions . This stability has produced its effects . Each of the two institutions have absolutely powerful lighting specialists , people trained in time. Public diplomacy in general is somewhat dependent on the gathering and synthesis of information on the perception of Romania abroad , on the potential dangers concern for reputation or credibility of the country. Of course we should not be hypocrites – on a more austere budget , it is absurd to try to develop your own synapses gathering information abroad, the synthesis and release monitoring environments , the many channels of expression online, knowing as other state institutions have also your capabilities . I do not rule and I have never ruled out working with the Romanian diplomatic missions , but , of course, necessary that the political leadership of the MFA to want this. You see, just have to do without conventional diplomacy public diplomacy is like watching a movie halfway and equally true is that if you only public diplomacy , the absurd , without the support of conventional diplomacy is as watching a movie half way to the end . Returning consider important and extremely helpful working with all state institutions .

Literature in recent years talking about the new public diplomacy . Although this term is consistent with previous definitions of public diplomacy , however, draws attention to changes in approach. What is it ?

Public diplomacy itself is a new concept , the new public diplomacy is a concept that aims to give a new lease of life this science through contribution they have new sets of tools to work – in this case it is about social media – new media. Now , I advocate a conceptual maturation rate somewhat settled . See , wheat harvesting was done initially with some rather primitive tools , then evolved , and today operates nearly automated tractors on the GPS , I do not even need a driver for an operator to harness the them . However, all harvesting procedure itself is called , and all agricultural activity area remains .
Public diplomacy is a set of strategies , resources and actions – it is not only strategy is not only communication is not only a form of public engagement in something. Sure accepted terminology , but you see, social media work well in crisis – and public diplomacy is in crisis , but proactive . Here I see that the term of the new public diplomacy might be a little forced .

President Basescu told the European Forum for Public Diplomacy , quote, ” Romania is perceived worse than it is .” And referring to some politicians , we are defeating the Romans through the actions we take here in the country. How do you comment ?

So it is. The President made a very good observation . I said it and I believe in this truth . About this self-destructive tendency , sure is detected, proven and measurable effects . The politicians believe that you two reasons , one of material or politicizing – many politicians act to reach the addressee or to obtain political benefits internally without regard for the consequences of their actions abroad. To appeal primarily internal audience , using a double language – say one inside, another outside , pay with skepticism nationality toxic and support I have received in the elections, without giving in return what you promise , that wealth, background , it means destruction. But I would add something here if I may – apart from self-destructive vocation we utter lack of conscience and patriotic . You see , being a nationalist is not the same as being patriotic . Being nationalist basically means that you have found the target and fight with it from morning till night – people see you’re busy . Patriots asset identify sites and always out in front of them . Unimaginable thing happened to me – leading a foreign guest at Bran Castle in paerioada horse meat scandal , he asked me about this relationship and after I explained how things man has understood the question has morphed into one closed. There, the guide from there show my guest a few horses on a meadow American saying that “this is our factory lasagna .” Do not imagine how I am perceived ” joke ” that bad . How we conclude that in each of us there is some deficiency of education in this respect.

What were the impressions of foreign guests at this forum ?

I think the best raspns here is the article published in the Huffington Post. It is the first positive article about Romania after many years of sustained criticism . So good things do not remain unnoticed.

At Community level the moment we talk about an average rejection of Romanians ?

Well this is a very serious matter . American public diplomacy is fighting a so-called anti-American current perception on different continents , sometimes they win sometimes not. It happens to a greater or lesser extent to all nations , the larger spaces or less wide . Think of minorities in Spain – Catalonia , not to mention the trend of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In our fund things are different. Leaving wanted absolute randomness public perception of Romanians abroad every nation perceived as us and what we have done there. The tragedy is that the lack of a strategy in the country , foreigners have seen thousands demedici , teachers, engineers , students, skilled workers Romans but those few visible hanging or offend metropolitan streets . Unlike the latter rejecting manufacturers, such a social phenomenon absolutely identical to that form to us . But being a subject with a consistent and meaningful life ( largely because of us ), he became easy to speculate and political use in those countries .
To summarize , I think it is an anti-Romanian power , in any form – but I can not say that police in some states, not meant as incompetence or failure of policies publicesa be covered or reimbursed by theme Romanian migrants .

Public diplomacy is key to Romania’s entry into the Schengen area?

Without a doubt yes ! I’ve sounded like I completed and assumed technical criteria and West speaks at least two or three years about the ” political criteria ” . Let us not do not understand – it’s about credibility here . There are drivers who do not trust the decision that our path is irreversible.
Soon again I heard it said that Finland ” continue ” to oppose Romania into Schengen – fake! Last spring , Alexander Stubb , Minister for European Affairs of Finland announces the microphone MFA in Bucharest , Romania as a country to accept membership in Schengen in two stages .. When did the change of opinion? Obviously after the events of last summer – which makes me think that those events have had an effect on the degree of institutional credibility – speaking of which I mentioned earlier .
To deny today that at a given time Finland supported us and now we do not support is an attitude that reduce damage credibility , unfortunately , but to accentuate it . What to do ? I think you have to work a lot to credibility – credibility not buy, not manufactured and not borrow anywhere – credibility is grown . When we reach an acceptable level of credibility we have and Schengen accession .

I’d like to go back and some aspects of the scene in the country. A stranger looking at a television or open a publication in Romania , sees only protests, government babble about certain strategic projects , protests for and against killing stray dogs , the fact that President Băsescu is ” guilty ” to all evil in the country, and the examples could go on. Romania ‘s media destructive regarding Romania’s image abroad ?

No, I would say that the media in Romania is destructive . The media has and must have her freedom . Freedom of the press contributing to the country’s reputation and its credibility .
On the other hand , I dare say that the press could help more – press devoted primarily as a catalyst for public diplomacy worldwide , ie international public channels . Radio Romania International TVR International and I think we should shift a little – I think it must be first transmitted message and position vectors of Romania for foreign public official by foreign media . If these foreign media seeking information it needs on the two official public sources Romania and not find what they are interested , they will continue to look into the innermost layers Romanian media , where debate occurs at a set stakes internal policies and who will believe me , does not help with anything.
The media should not lie, do not have to hide , you should not falsify the truth for Romania to become better picture , but just as important is that the media does not distort the elements , not exaggerated those moments that can have a measurable outcome for domestic political equation , but can not be estimated in any way in terms of external perception . For media Speaking yes, there is some kind of pressure that I care especially , people I ‘ve known people with huge potential , people almost unexplained availability to promote the country – Romanian journalists accredited in Brussels . We do little about them, miss opportunities that they offer , expect from them …. do not know why, at little or no fine exploit their potential. Give you an example – when the Council shall discuss the issue Vlach minority in Serbia , all foreign journalists from asking additional items …. Romanian journalists – think before addressing the theme has informed journalists and anyone prepared to become our suppliers information? Obviously not ! Outcome was that our political points Council Minister on European and foreign press slip off the temptation to write as Vlach minority is a Romanian invention .

Undoubtedly , democracy is a free press . Compared to other media outlets abroad, how do you evaluate the coverage of the Romanian reality in the media in the country ?

Here as everywhere in the world there are interests and political interests color is observed more or less the final product – the news broadcast . I do not think our press release is worse than elsewhere , from this point of view – but what I think is that the balances are still not achieved – politics is not able to communicate , and the public is still guided by the spectacular attribute of news . Allow me , if a certain political party to find that the message is obstructed , or the share of a disadvantage , say, the relationship with America , nothing stops them from morning to evening star in the Diaspora, to explain and to do understand. I mean , I would give the entire blame on media.

Mr. Dima , the United States, in New York , Washington and Chicago have held a series of protests last week opposite the RMP . You ask … we can say that the RMP submitted by the government , is the biggest disaster for Romania of communication?

Yes , I see that you took a phrase that I used it in an article a few weeks ago – yes it is a disaster for a campaign that is suffering major structural defects . I will speak from a purely technical perspective and not otherwise. It is obvious that the proposed objective of the campaign is not identified properly , it is not properly defined , is not visible or great age is too far from the real and immediate interests of the people . Milestones are frivolous small for the amount of resources that are presented and presumed initiator of the campaign and the period of ” awareness” of the whole process was so long that it lost what little ” alignment ” that would have enjoy your time. Finally, I would say that the initiator messaging campaign wants to show huge benefits of exploitation but figuratively , messages tell us just a small group of people who would benefit directly from certain and immediate material benefits – so the problem is not novel, general. I will not say more because I did not want to give any advice in this regard .

Mr. Dima , public diplomacy practices were divided into five categories:

· Listen – the gathering of information about public opinion abroad;

· Advocacy – the promotion of a special policy or idea through international communication ;

· Cultural Diplomacy – the promotion of their culture abroad ;

· Diplomacy academic exchanges – the work of student exchanges with other countries ;

· Transmission international – audience interaction activities abroad through television , radio and the Internet .

It is clear that some countries in Europe and the United States focus only on the categories set forth by you, but an ideal strategy would include all. What makes concrete Romania in the current context ? What is your strategy ?

Today , unfortunately we are too young to talk about a strategy. You can say just listen and try to make a map of the perception in Europe. Where and what is Impostor talking about Romania . Sure you do not lose time during which the work in this report , I started to do things absolutely mandatory – notify us public diplomacy presence in European and global community , to speculate case the perception is worse than reality in the country here bringing as many opinion makers to carry Romanian reality outside. Sure it would be ideal to be a vector adjuvant tourism – foreign tourists to come to Romania , to find that the reality here is better than perception net but right now we can not rely on tourism. In terms of cultural diplomacy here I make two remarks – cultural diplomacy without clear, measurable and sized correctly can provide not think anything but good jobs for those with connections this way. On the other hand , cultural diplomacy , naturally is by ICR – ICR need to understand that just tranfer vector Romanian culture abroad and no state money maker culture . Finally, I would add to the two points of view and that cultural diplomacy is today in speed was somehow subsequently because other levels of public diplomacy can bring results with much lower costs in a time much short target audience without having to submit any effort to get to the message .

The concept of public diplomacy will address and Romanian communities abroad ? And if so, what will you do specifically for Romanians abroad ?

Romanians abroad are key to the perception of Romania and the Romanian nation abroad. They have the advantage that they have an extremely high exposure to the target audience . Interact with foreign nations , exchange information , changing lifestyles . But I think the diaspora is largely exploited politically – parties a permanent courtship , but a state of neglect with the same consistency. When you hear our state held a meeting with Diaspora leaders to tell them what they want from them and how it feasible to achieve those goals? Help me – never seriously ! Sorry , only shows held all over the world -making delegates , I think we can get results. I wish I can hold in the summer of 2014 a summer school Diaspora leaders , a meeting between them and people communication , representatives of other diasporas , a place where people can go load of expertise. No need to pretend invent the wheel – like summer schools diaspora are by all countries ( especially in the last waves of accession to the EU) .

The European Parliament recently voted in favor of amending the EU Regulation on visas, establishing a reciprocity clause that seeks to determine the United States and Canada to remove visa requirements for citizens of EU countries , including the Romanian people . How do you comment ?

I can tell a perspective view of my work – and I think that public diplomacy has a duty to explain to the American public and the Canadian , U.S. and Canadian environmental decision as the Romans come to their diversity contributes his own world the wonderful diversity . Americans and Canadians are not even guilty because I did not know until now we do not want . We qualities and cultural heritage that we recommend to be viable interlocutors and factors contributing to what is today the American nation or Canadian nation . I am convinced that if we focus on this dimension road to visa-free travel to the U.S. is shortened .

A final question . What you send them in the country either Romania or abroad ? Also I invite you to draw a conclusion in light of the discussion so far.
I sent them a very important – public diplomacy, action to optimize external perception of Romania abroad is the responsibility of each of us. To record the results that we so desperately need, we ordinary citizens, government and business decizionalii have every novel to understand that foreigners leave the impression that interact is reflected to some extent the general perception.
As a conclusion I would say two things you consider important – first a Romanian is unimaginable that wishes to participate in the competition on the free market without public diplomacy has the tools and the second one remind all that the free market Community market in particular is a chance to participate in a fair competition in which only the winners go prepared. Who perceives globalized world, the European Union as the place where we receive …. without any effort, was a regrettable error.

PARTICIPANTS in the U.S., European Forum of public diplomacy:

Prof. Sean Aday, director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication George Washington University,

Professor Philip Seib, Director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy at the University of South California,

P.J. Crowley, associate professor at George Washington University and former spokesman for the U.S. State Department in the first term Obama

Nicolas J. Cull, program coordinator of the Master in Public Diplomacy at the University of South California

DAN blunt, journalist AMRONEWS – American Romanian News


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