Rosia Montana

“The virtues and character are its lifeblood Mountain tomato flesh of her almost unique destiny.
The settlement has a bi-millennial tradition, and its stunning galleries, kept talking about the weather, after the Roman era, about the medieval and the modern.
But the Roșia Montană has a natural beauty and a living tradition that inhabit both the harmony of nature and in the souls and minds of the people who inhabit it.
Many are the reasons for which the Rosia Montana should be an example, harmony, prosperity and a model of European development in the third millennium.
Unfortunately, the way in which the land has been treated in the last forty years to attempt seriously to the present and his future.
The Royal House of Romania, which has seen the direct prăbușirilor, institutional identity and social and economical in the second half of the last century, not how to be indifferent to the way the mountain in the future. the tomato flesh Along with the Romanian Academy,
Orthodox and Catholic churches and civil society, our family will support in any way possible, safeguarding and development of virtuților and values, such as Mountain Roșiei had chiseled them for two thousand years. ”

Crown Princess Margareta of Romania


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