President Băsescu, in Slovakia: “we will never accept anyone telling us how to organize administrative”

President Traian Basescu arrived in Slovakia, where a two-day visit. The President met with Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič, President of the Parliament, Pavol Paška
“Thank you for the invitation to visit Slovakia in a moment of celebration, 69 years after the release of the Slovak Republic, where maybe a small contribution has brought her and the Romanian army. I have addressed the issues of bilateral interest and european. Point out that Romania and has a vision of energy policy the energy produced from nuclear reaction and the project is to build the third and fourth nuclear reactor, “said President Traian Basescu during a joint declaration supported along with Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič.

Head of State added that he discussed the problem of minorities, including Traian Basescu said that Romania will never accept anyone telling us how to organize ourselves.
“Romania has adopted the standards of the European approach to the problem of minorities, but that means you have the right to preserve their culture, language, are allowed to teach in their mother tongue and have a duty to be loyal to the Romanian State. From this point of view I want to thank the Slovak minority, who are hard-working people and to see how nice it looks like Suburbs inhabited by Slovaks.(…) We will never accept anyone telling us how to organize ourselves administration “, said the Head of State.According to Basescu,
Romania and the Slovak Republic have adapted legislation and have guaranteed European standards for minorities on their territory.
“So between us there is no divergence with respect to the manner in which we address the problem of minorities. It’s definitely that when attempting to overcome some limitations, react, polite, with good word, but react, “he added.
The Head of State Traian Basescu also said that he spoke with the President about the situation in Slovakia and Syria and said that Romania, for the relationship with the Republic of Moldova is a priority.In turn, the President of Slovakia stressed that his country attaches special priority to a particular minority, but their rights are respected in equidistant.
In addition, Gasparovic thanked Traian Basescu for Romania on an attitude towards the Slovaks living in the territory, saying that they are represented in the Parliament of the Slovak President … granted him the “white military cross ‘ Lieutenant General (r) Victor Goanţă, while President Traian Basescu gave The Military Virtue in the rank of officer for ing. Jan Gubco and the order of Military Virtue in the rank of Officer Paul Daniel.
President Traian Basescu arrived at the Presidential Palace at around 2 pm and was greeted by Slovakia’s President Ivan Gasparovic with military honours. The two signed in the book of honor and made a formal photograph.
President Traian Basescu walked in this afternoon and at Bratislava castle where he met with the speaker of Parliament Pavol Paška, Slovak Republic. The first day of the visit will conclude with an official dinner given by the President Ivan Gašparovič in honor of President Traian Basescu, at 19.00, at the Presidential Palace Thursday,
President Băsescu. will participate, at 10.15, the ceremony of submission of wreaths at a military Cemetery of Romanian army, in Zvolen, at 11.00, Banská Bystrica, will attend the ceremony which crowns of flowers at the monument Of the Slovak Museumat the Museum of National Liberation Slovace.
La 13.00 President will attend along with Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, the city of Banská Bystrica, at the unveiling ceremony of a commemorative boards in honor of Romanian and Russian, eliberatoarele city, being programmed and an official lunch offered by the Mayor of Banská Bystrica,
Slovakia’s President Peter Gogol. was in Romania in October 2009.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta was in Bratislava in June 2013. According to the presidential administration, President Basescu’s visit aims at enhancing bilateral political dialogue and understanding, coordination and cooperation within the European Union and regional cooperation.
Talks between the two heads of State are aimed at obtaining support for promoting Romania’s priorities, as well as coordination with the Slovak Republic in the files of interest on the bilateral agenda-economic cooperation, the issue of persons belonging to national minorities and European, as well as boosting economic cooperation.
Slovakia was the third country that opened its labor market to Romania, in January 2007. It also was the first country to ratify the Treaty of accession of Romania to the EU in June 2005 and supports our country’s integration into Schengen. compared to the previous year there has been an increase in exports with 13 768% and imports by 13,14 percent. In 2012 the total volume of retail trade between the two countries was 1.9 Maher euros. Also this year, Romania and Slovakia are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.


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