US threatens Syria: “the whole Middle East will burn”

by R Carcu
The Government in Damascus has warned Saturday that the United States an attack on Syria “will not be a picnic for anyone, in any way, for that aggression would attract serious repercussions and would be a ball of fire that would burn the whole Middle East,” notes EFE.
In an interview with State television, Syrian Minister of information, Omran al-Zubi said the pressures made by US are “a waste of time” and reported that the Syrian Government “will continue to fight terrorism to the end”. Meanwhile, the Minister reiterated Damascus’s position with regard to the use of chemical weapons. “We’ve never never used chemical weapons in Syria, in whatever form, would be liquid or gas,” he said in an interview on State television, Al-Mayadine. “The Syrian Army does not need to use chemical weapons, because her morale is high and she makes progress against terrorism,” she assured him.

Also, the accusation made by the Syrian army, which claims that the rebels have used chemical agents during Saturday’s confrontations, of Jobar, a suburb of Damascus. According to a press release issued by Syrian officials, Assad’s troops “are chemical elements and have been asfixiaţi” when they walked into a refuge for the rebels in that suburb. “About 20 soldiers were taken to the emergency hospital after they inhaled the chemical agents in Hobar, and some of them were in critical condition,” said a military source cited by EFE.

Syrian army claims to have discovered a company’s pharmaceutical drugs germano-qatară tratatarea for persons who come into contact with chemical agents, as well as a large number of gas masks in the extremist rebels.


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