The contract with Bechtel was scrambled. The route chosen by Americans

It is the largest of the State’s contract with a foreign firm. It was concluded for the construction of the highway. The contract, very controversial over the years, was completed in 2004.
The Department was one of the Major Projects of the contract. The document has 1,500 pages. “Today, the 30.07.2013, were published on the website of the Department for infrastructure projects and foreign investment, the declassified documents relating to the contract between the Romanian State and Bechtel International Inc. “, show the Department for infrastructure projects and foreign investment.
The order on declassifying these documents was published in the Official Gazette, part I, no. 406 on the 05.07.2013 and was signed by the Minister delegate for infrastructure projects and foreign investment Dan Sova, David Simon, Minister of transport and Ion Moraru.
The Secretary General of the Government, show the institution.The Romanian State has terminated the contract this spring.
The Minister delegate Dan Sova announced in late May that it was terminated the contract with Bechtel for building the highway, the Romanian State to pay American company 37.2 million and debts of 50 million euros.
The contract with Americans from Bechtel was terminated, and the Romanian State will pay compensation to 37, 2 million euros-a considerable hole in the budget.
The problem still remains unresolved Transylvania motorway construction. At the 10th anniversary of the signing of the contract, the Romanian State has 52 kilometres of Highway and 1.4 billion euros already paid.Brasov-Bors motorway project, named Highway, was approved in 2003 and early in 2004, on the basis of a contract of 2.2 billion euros with Bechtel, which was carried out at the latest in 2012.
What say the american contract were the ones who chose the route of the future high-speed road.
Romanian authorities did not have any say in respect of any quantities of materials required for construction, nor in respect to the purchased price. So they charged the Americans over 1.4 billion euros in the 10 years of the contract.Expensive cost and situated between kilometeres, relocations of utilities and downloads.
Work on the highway they went hard and because the State has not paid the Bills on time, Bechtel.
For example, Americans took consistent interest from the State for each day of delay. Was paid in euros to the value of 4% for each delayed day. The contract was signed with the Americans in 2003. It was awarded without bidding, and the initial value was € 2.2 billion.
The Americans were Connected by Bors by law 415 km of highway. In 10 years they built not only 52 miles and have received 1.4 billion euros. After two changes in 2006 and 2011, on 29 may, the contract was terminated. Americans were compensated with just over 32 million euros.Dan Said: “there are strong constraints to maintain contracts in secret” Journalist Dan Said that attention was not published the original contract signed with an American company, but said that a number of documents have been released. “Declassification is a positive element, proof that those contracts in which the State is involved can be readily declassified. Take just beyond the Romanian Government, there is strong constraints to keep the secret agreements, “commented Dan Suciu, economic analyst.”I don’t know if there will be criminal matters disjunge, but we can learn why the Romanian State is very weak, “added the journalist.


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