Renate Weber (Romanian Liberal MEP): “62% of Europeans consider that freedom of movement is the greatest achievement of the European Union”


by Ovidiu Neagoe
Because the majority of European Union citizens appreciate the fundamental role which it has freedom of movement, the European Parliament amended the Commission’s proposal on the temporary reintroduction of controls at the borders.In these circumstances, Renate Weber, ALDE Rapporteur of the European Parliament, said it was added a “Community dimension”, which stipulates that the State wishes to reintroduce border controls must engage with the countries concerned and with the European Commission. Also, Romanian MEP has noted that the program has failed to vote on an article that says very clearly that immigration cannot be considered ever threat to national security “.Moreover, Renate Weber said that although Schengen Member States were afraid of the waves of immigrants from Arab Spring events, a recent survey showed that 62% of Europeans do not want the reintroduction of controls at the borders. Thus, the ALDE Group Rapporteur said that “people feel that they all live in one big house, so we want to keep this freedom.”


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