TOP 10: the most powerful States in the military

Marius Alexandru Stanciu

In a world full of conflicts worldwide, the ability to generate and wield power decisively represents a major advantage for diplomatic and national security. In this respect, Global Firepower has achieved a ranking of the most powerful States in military terms, prepared on the basis of 40 statistical indicators, write Business Insider .

10. Brazilia10. Brazilian Buget for Defense: 31.5 billion. Active military: 371.199 $Personal labor force: Air Force: 104.700.000 822 zborForta machines: 106 ships shipping war .

9.Italia The budget for Defense: 31.9 billion. Active military: 293.202 $Personal labor force: 25.080.000 Air Force: 770 zborForta naval equipment: 179

8. South Korea: Budget for Defense: 28.2 billion. Active military: 653.000 $Personal labor force: 25.100.000 Air Force: 871 naval flight Forta appliances: 190 war ships

7. Germany: Budget for Defense: 43.3 billion. Active military: 148.996 $Personal labor force: Air Force: 43.620.000 925 zborForta naval appliances: 67 ships of war

6.France: Budget for Defense: 58,2 Bil. Active military: 362.485 $Personal labor force: 29.610.000 Air Force: 544 zborForta appliances: 180 ships of naval war

5.UK: Budget for Defense: 57,8 billion. Active military: 224.500 $Personal labor force: 31.720.000 Air Force: 1.412 zborForta naval appliances: 77 war

4.India : The budget for Defense: 44.2 billion. Active military: 1.325.000 $Personal labor force: Air Force: 487.600.000 1.962 zborForta appliances: 170 naval warships

3.China : The budget for Defense: 129,2 billion. Active military: 2.285.000 $Personal labor force: 795, 500,000 Air Force: 5.048 zborForta naval appliances: 972 war

2.Russia: Budget for Defense: 64 billion. Active military: $Personal power: 1,200,000 75.330.000 Air Force: 4.498 zborForta naval appliances: 224 war

1.United States of America: for the Defense Budget: 689,5 billion. Active military: 1.477.896 $Personal labor force: 153.600.000 Air Force: 15.293 zborForta machines: naval ships of 290 war


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