Hrh Prince Omar Kiram

Please read this message. After reading please go to our Patriots Group via this link:

Salam and greetings to all our beloved members. To date we have over 63,500 Patriots Group members plus other related Groups now we number close to 100,000 members through all our combined commitment and dedication to follow, support and augment the Policies of HM Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I, of friendship and brotherhood of all religions and to Recover Sabah from Malaysia for the benefits of the Tausugs and Filipinos our numbers continue to grow albeit slowly.

A comparison is the Bongbong Marcos United Group that started less than one year ago and now almost similar in numbers of members of our Patriots Group that started over 2 years ago. We are not competing but we see is that in BBMU Group their posts and comments are RELEVANT to the cause of Senator Bongbong Marcos that make them interesting. We notice that about a DOZEN BBMU members do the regular post and comment on this group leading to its runaway success.

In Patriots Group we have ONE or TWO if at all and not always because all of us our busy with our work and family and other pursuits. We need volunteers of about six (6) who will constantly monitor and spend more time on Patriots Group to make our group more relevant and interesting to global members who joined to Recover Sabah in the first place.

Why do we say this? You will notice the posts and comments on Patriots Group are now almost ALL POLITICAL posts and comments. Very few posts or comments to Recover Sabah or the true Sultan HM Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I.

Our Patriots Group became the nest for comments and attacks AGAINST PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT BENIGNO S. AQUINO III and those WHO FAVOR HIM! Nothing is said about our Sabah advocacy or to Recover Sabah.

In the interest of freedom of expression and freedom of speech we allow them.

We ask you to post or comment regarding our advocacy and to get the RIGHT REFERENCE OR INFORMATION IS TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE htpp:// We urge you to visit, read and study and then post the relevant section you want to emphasize.

This will help and stop the tide on making our Patriots Group a POLITICAL BATTLEGROUND that will NOT FAVOR OUR CAUSE because POLITICS DIVIDE PEOPLE and if we delete or ban comment FOR and AGAINST a particular political official or candidate we cannot be inclusive in our Sabah recovery aims and cause.

We have Patriots members who are more conversant in Tagalog so we ask our Knights and Masters to post and comment also in Tagalog to clearly drive our message clear to our members who understand Tagalog more. Others please continue to post or comment in English to be inclusive. We trust you will assist so that we can ACHIEVE SUCCESS TOGETHER. God bless us all. Best wishes.


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