Cities with the most Facebook accounts

In March, the number of Romanian users of Facebook grew by 3.6% and reached 5.8 million accounts. Statistics, produced by facebrands, shows that 5.806.820 of Romanians have Facebook account, that means about 68% of those who have internet.
Most Facebook users are in Bucharest (23,54% of accounts) in Cluj-229.200 users (4th of July), Iași – 228.289 accounts (4,05%) and Timișoara – 226.600 accounts (4,02%).At the opposite pole’s residents: Removed (10.960 accounts, 0.19% of the total), New Delhi (10.460, 0.19%), Representative (0,18%) 10.120 internauți, and Campulung Moldovenesc (0,18%) 10.020 accounts.
Depending on the age, most Romanians who are Facebook users are between 25-34 years (30.1%), and between 18 and 24 years old (29,3%), between 35 to 44 years (16.1%) and 13-17 years (14.9%).In terms of marital status, of Romanian users 34,68 Facebook have declared themselves “33,87% say they are married and are in a 26,51 relationship.
With regard to stars in Romania, most fans on Facebook and has tight Inna (8,17 million), followed by Alexandra Stan (2,33 millions) and Accent (2,06 million).

by : Yahoo Romania


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