Almost 1,200 requests from ambulance construction in the last 24 hours

1.193 requests have been posted in the last twenty-four hours to the ambulance service of the municipality of Bucharest-Ilfov County, said this morning,
Dr. Neil Johnson, the Manager of the institution.Of the total requests, 600 were major emergencies (catalogued as code red and code yellow), 78 involved homeless, 58 requests were for fractures and 18 for births, has detailed the doctor in a statement for Pres.
With regard to homeless people in danger of freeze, a part of them were transported to the integrated Complex of social services from the Theodor Pallady and were hosted by hospitals.Moving addresses from ambulance side streets has been hampered, particularly on roads where snow has not been cleaned and frozen, said the Ambulance Service in Bucharest-Ilfov. “We were able to get to all the cases in the course of the night, until the morning.
We are calling on the population to be sympathetic, especially for requests for consultations, where it later, “said Dr. Abdu Gan.
Meteorological Information and the intensification of the cold wind issued Thursday by the National Administration of Meteorology is valid all over the country until Saturday at 18: 00.

Info : Yahoo!News


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