Penelope Cruz – sensual red Campari calendar 2013

Penelope Cruz is the star of the Campari calendar 2013, superstion theme. Dressed in red and photographed in sensual poses, Spanish actress look gorgeous in all 13 photos of the calendar.
Every year, the Campari choosing a star to pose for their particular calendar, and this year came among the beautiful Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, aged 38 years, which in 2008 received the Oscar for her role in the film side, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.Penelope Cruz becomes so “Campari” mate with other famous beauties that posed in the past for this calendar, including Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Milla Jovovich. Campari calendar 2013 Theme is “Kiss Goodbye” Superstition “(Says Farewell to superstition) and wants to convey the idea that faith in their own forces that can help to overcome superstitions.
Campari calendar 2013 a depicts the Spanish actress in 13 poses that evoke “mystical superstitions and intriguing” black cat, broken mirror, cracks in asphalt or walking under a ladder-which is said to bring bad luck.In each picture, the actress is dressed in red, sensual, gorgeous dresses created by famous fashion houses such as Monique Lhuillier, and Emilio Pucci Salvatore Ferragamo and jewelry House Chopard. actress belong to the Calendar Photos were made by Kristian Shuller, who said: “my intention was to continue this success story, pushing further the limits [], and Penelope perfectly embodied the theme of the calendar with her versatility and flair.”
As an actress, are often put in the situation to describe nedescrisul, and this session was not different. I created a character with a positive attitude and strong and I disbanded every superstition, promoting confidence in their own forces, “said Penelope Cruz. Campari Calendar 2013” Kiss Goodbye “Superstition” was printed in only 9.999 copies, which will not be sold, but offered as a gift to the brand.Superstition with the broken mirror is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is said that the mirror reflects the soul of a people, and breaking them – and, by default, Reflection distortion would result in injury to the person’s spirit reflected in it.Infatisata here is the superstition of the bouncing off the wall. Traditionally, this means that the person shown in the pictures you will die soon.


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