The mineral zinc, which increases your immunity. 10 foods you find it on

Zinc increases immunity, helps detoxify the liver, but does care and health of your skin and hair. Discover which are the most important sources of zinc recommended by famous Dr. Oz! Zinc is an essential mineral for tissue regeneration, but also to increase immunity. The recommended daily dose is 11 milligrams for men and 8 mg for women, which may be assimilated both from dietary sources and supplements that you can take from the pharmacy.Pregnant women and vegetarians should be very careful with zinc supplementation. Most people who used to regularly consume the meat would not have to worry about zinc, argues Dr. Oz, because this is one of the richest sources of this mineral.Why is it important zinc in the body? accelerates the work of over 100 enzymes; strengthens the immune system in the fight with the coldness and flu; in his absence, the body cannot use vitamin A; takes care of the health of the cells and helps them regenerate; takes care that the sense of smell and are well developed; has anti-inflammatory effect, improving symptoms of arthritis; combat acne; decreases severity of herpes.Lack of zinc: how the body reacts to decreased resistance to disease favors the emergence of unoe disorders in the skin slows the development of physical, mental slows wound healing affects 10 fertility foods rich in zinc
1. Oysters;
2. Wheat germ;
3. Seaweed;
4. Linseed;
5. Raw walnuts;
6. Pork liver;
7. Legumes;
8. Sunflower seeds;
9. Eggs;
10. Lean veal.

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