The prodigy – who can slow global warming

British researchers have created a new material that could solve several problems of projects struggling with global warming. Invention absorbs carbon molecules emitted from power plants, reports Reuters. The material, which is composed of aluminu nitrate, organic materials and cheap water, non-toxic and needs very little energy to retain carbon. This method of control has not yet been tested at sea level, and experiments conducted so far have shown that compounds precendenţii create for absorption of carbon poluau, in their turn, the atmosphere.However, researchers claim that the new product, called NOTT-300 will not encounter these problems. “I think the invention can be seen as a revolution, “said Sihai Yang of the University of Nottingham, adding:” the material is not toxic and does not require heating to do the job. Has a promising potential in terms of combating pollution, but also from the economic point of view “.The material may withhold harmful gases, such as sulphur dioxide, allowing other substances, such as hydrogen, methane and oxygen to pass through it more companies have already shown interest in this product.


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