Saved by Facebook. Young lost in the Alps, found with the help of network socialization

The life of a man who was lost for three days through the Swiss Alps while exteme sports was saved with the help of socialization network Facebook and a SAUCE made from twigs sign.Dan Hunt (33 years old) is a businessman in London after a mad speedflying extreme sport that combines schiatul and paragliding flight. He was on vacation with two friends, but did not come to the point of meeting and they were alarmed.Its search operations have not been successful, and the authorities have stopped flights after they learned that the young do not cover the cost of insurance. Then, his friends have turned to Facebook have created a page with the name “Find Dan Hunt and raised over 19,000 euros, which they used to rent helicopters and guides guides.For three days, Dan Hunt was not found, but then it was discovered at the bottom of a crevase of 45 metres, near a sign made out of twigs SAUCE. Hunt was taken to hospital, but had no need for internment, having broken ankle. “We are grateful for your help. Thank you wholeheartedly, “he wrote, adding that Facebook is not going to give up extreme sports after this story.


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