ASUS ROG CG8580 TYTAN – a dream!

I’ve always wanted a modern desktop system. Not that it would ever be used to maximum potential, but only for the fact that “I could use”. Sun also made sure that this statement does not apply to me just me, many of you think of just now. ASUS CG8580 fit into the products that you want but get til concluded that it is not just the acquisition more profitable for you. The same is also a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, even if you don’t have where to reach the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer to have all one’s cool.However, a careful examination of the above ” might contradict me, but don’t do it in the manner intended. I’m not a hardcore gamer, better said the last time I played the game it was a few years ago when we try to do a benchmark for Call Of Duty, and lasted up to an hour the whole experience. So for those passionate about gaming, the following may to satisfy any requirements you have, including those related to the upgrade.Design ExteriorCa and in case of a laptop, smartphone or any of the device which uses electric power design has become very important. It’s basically one of the criteria for which we choose that product, even if we do it is unconscious. Many times the budget for the design of a product is higher than for hardware development. Image is everything in today, even though we are not talking literally that displayed on a display. ASUS has worked pretty isistent on desktop systems in recent years, surpassing the stereotypical “made in china” and the scope of the European market and demands of the American. All due respect for this company in the last 10 years has been completely transformed.The system we are discussing in this review is part of the series PLEASE (Republic Of Gamers) which defines the end user. It would be nice to start with the analysis of design of this system, but I will leave that issue for now on to you, because … in the background … is subjective. I will however focus on items that make a avantajeaza or the corresponding device. In the case of system CG8580 design is more practical than you have expected at first glance. InWin housing comes from taiwaneza, a company specialized in this area, though the exterior design has been changed quite a lot.The first impression you make system is elegant. Don’t see any of the optical units, which were hidden under a cover slide. It hides exactly the optic combo Blu-ray/DVD-RW drive, a Memory Stick card reader SD/MMC and professional photographers, to the delight of Compact Flash. The superior edge of the slide, neacoperita has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 connectors for microphone and headphones and. Under the optics we had the pleasure to find a drawer type for Hot-Swap HDDs. Still employ it seems, and considering the size and weight of the carcase personally I would like to introduce to undoing an HDD, even if it will happen 2 times per year.The top side of the system and can provide support for various accessories commonly used of PC users, among them may include a pair of headphones, USB pen drives or external HDDs, more specifically what can connect to ports on the casing. The top rear ventilation holes owns some, quite helpful considering performance you may perform this system.In the upper corner of the place they found two buttons essential, the Power button and the OC (Overclocking). Where is the reset button yet? Well considering that ASUS is not necessary and that their system is so well built that will work without a hitch. So I think the IBM/Lenovo or Dell which they considered inadequate, install a Reset button on the carcass. The OC uses a series of preset the motherboard that can be configured manually by the user, what’s up with frequent work for the CPU and the memoir experience as fluency in games. A single click of button leads to 4.0 GHz system, a second click you give rise to 4.2 GHz and with the third consecutive pressing reaches back to the frequency standard. The illumination system go from blue to red in these situations. The system can provide course and inborn to frequent for other activities that do not involve an acute need for State performance on Facebook are among these activities. Side Caps): have a distinct design with logo’s and PRAY on the surface of the plastic cover that covers the metal itself. The rear connectors of the motherboard and auxililare plaque has not received so much attention, but being discovered. Even so there would be the whole picture yet system if the color was black.The bottom has the same metal surface on which they are mounted, four rubber feet indelible, maintains a very good stability irrespective of the area on which the PC is located. We do not worry that it could move very often, considering its substantial weight.Gallery ExteriorPana get down to the next chapter, I invite you to take a look at the Gallery of pictures to compare the above explanations with pictures of the product.[dmalbum path = “/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Sistem/ASUS ROG Outside”/]The interiorAspectul interior let desirable at first sight. Even if its color is in a pleasant contrast with the outside black, lately I’ve noticed increasingly more systems and customized with the same color on the inside. It became a fashion as the inside of the casing to the same color as the outer panels. So, here you can see the liquid cooling system from Asetek to respect ya 3770k i7 processor. The radiator fan is coupled with a large thick and sits in the exhaust position towards the back of the case.At first glance it can be seen and a GTX680 video card, which will support any current game with maximum details. Note that the graphics card has a support metalicce support in a casing, it is in great measure to protect the PCi Express slot of the possibility of damages caused by the weight of the video card. At the bottom, mid power 700 Watt 88 Plus Silver certified is a wireless network card to ensure connectivity to the internet even where no network cable reach.Places for HDDs are well positioned and oriented sideways for ease of dismantling them. Each HDD is on a plastic drawer, attenuating noise caused by vibrations of storage units. You can see two SanDisk SSD drives arranged in a RAID 0 array, as well as two HDDs of 1TB of information storage that ensure each. Optical units and they can be placed with ease thanks to the fastening system that does not require using a drywall.Memoirs … ufff … otherwise I don’t know how to express myself more elegant. Yes, we’re talking 16 GB DDR3 memory, but there are some almost trivial, no radiator, no way. I’d understand if it was some rarities or ECC memory that are quite expensive and only used in servers, however, we speak of a gaming system. I do not expect to who knows what value but at least 3000 MHz at an aluminium radiator amarat to be etched if ASUS has opted for a kit Corsair or Kingston. No longer put into account the fact that DDR3 memory has gotten the cheapest component of a system, the price per GB is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. I checked other reviews of this system and not only the one in question has such failures, all complained of the choice of the manufacturer.Personally I would have preferred something more order in the casing. As I noticed from the many systems being taken for highly visual impact on the Interior is the most important. Here it looks like the has been neglected. I am sure that a buyer would prefer a “cable management” more suited to the price you pay for this PC.InteriorAsa Gallery as it is beautiful, and I have included a gallery of images of the inside of the system. Enjoy![dmalbum path = “ASUS ROG Indoor//wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Sistem”/]PerifericeFiind for a normal and we are looking at a range of peripherals dedicated. These are of course represented by a mouse and a keyboard image design system line up. The Mouse is a model of producer, already consecrated, a mouse GX900 whose review we had last year and at the time of launch. Why chose a model maker so old it was the first question that I passed through my mind, and then re-reading review I remembered as one of the most reliable products of the sort that we have tested. GX800, younger brother is doing its job every day for over a year, without giving signs of fatigue. GX900 supports and a number of weights for balancing depending on the preferences of the user.The keyboard is a revelation! I have never met for a long time with the keypad buttons switch type. To improspatez little older keyboards memory, not running on a rubber sheet siliconat, but each button separately have mechanical contacts. As this system is and the keyboard, and otherwise keeps the layout so loved by electronics gaming, simple layout and buttons along with a corresponding feedback to apasate keys. Here we again reminds me of reliability as the primary reason in choosing peripherals.I would have liked it to be delivered to the system and a mouse pad with an area of one hectare and possibly with a pair of headphones and then the Volcano OBLIGED the package would have been truly complete.SpecificatiiTabelul below contains specifications of the product being tested. Of course, for those interested I am sure that you can opt for other components that are all of the time as producer.


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