Facebook will use the personal data of users, advertising

Facebook is preparing a new service that will allow companies to choose the target audience based on the personal information of the users.Thus, the social network hopes to optimize their advertising offer, by putting at your disposal a list containing email addresses, IDs and telephone numbers of persons who have account, write itproportal.com.Unii users have already been included in the new programme and have reprezenantii recognized as Facebook have tested the service with advertising and a few companies will begin to deploy next week.So those who want to take advantage of the Facebook service will send their database, which contains the email addresses of their clients, phone numbers or other personal information.Later, Facebook will overlap with the list of users, so the company’s advertising announcements to be made by the users who are included in both databases.This overlay will be without access to any of your private parts. “Companies that will advertise will not receive any data from Facebook, and Facebook will not receive private information from them, “said a representative of the social network.In addition to this service, Facebook is working on a process by which certain clients to appear and on the pages of users who are not already fans of the corporate pages.


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