The press today

For a long time I look at how the media is now, what transmit television,what the newspapers write.

I found that out the fact that it’s all about gossip and chasing audiences,I can not find anything interesting,something to learn,issues of culture are almost nonexistent,and the very few who are,have audiences 0.
Let’s look at news televisions.There was a traffic accident caused by a television star,last two days was just talking about it, 24 hours of 24,politics mattered no longer, no longer mattered other news, no matter about serious economic problems facing Europe and other countries.Or, even more incomprehensible, a topic that discuss all the televisions for a month: Ceausescu’s life(how to eat, how to dress, how he went hunting, etc). All topics can be an interest, but there is a limit for each.
I do not understand why it is so hard to make educational programs,there is so much to say, the population still does not know anything about many diseases or of economic policies,there is no debate about new laws that appear like on the conveyor belt,there are many people still doesn’t know they need to amke a health control evey year,at least,and many more.
There is just a childishtopic, and all televisions talk endlessly about it, without even realize that could be embarrassing.
If they do surveys about their programs,they could see how wrong they are,I do not believe that the population wants only that, but polls are poorly made​​, and actual results never made ​​public, I guess.
So-called news journals contain only 1-2 important news, with few references to this problem, the rest is just the can-can.
Population of a country can not only feed with can-can, and need real information about daily life, what will come tomorrow, about the potential dangers of tomorrow.
I understand that all these televisions are companies that need profit, but there is no need to undermine it.
I think it takes some conscience in everything we do, to think to others too,to their needs,to what will be tomorrow, to our children, to education and their future.
If all run just after profit, what will become of us tomorrow?!
There is an old Romanian saying this:”The way you prepare your bed for night,that way you will sleep”…
The way we prepare the next day,that way we’ll have it.
And tomorrow won’t be a great one if we don’t know how to get ready, not only to feed our body, but also our soul,our culture.
To acquire peace, love, joy, kindness, we need more than what TV and other media offer us now.


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