Castration of pedophiles and rapists in Romania ?!

After the example of Russian MPs, a romanian deputy(parliamentarian) proposed a project that provides for chemical castration of child molesters and also their microcipation . to be detected at all times.
The initiator of the project that refers to the prevention of violence against the child.has proposed that convicted for child sexual abuse or incest to be monitored even after he served punishment, through GPS,also,inhibit sexual impulses to them by chemical methods.

(Should I mention the U.S. tested new technology that that technology would detect criminals before they commit crime/ 🙂 )

Indeed, cases of pedophilia in Romania are growing,and the penalty is only 3-10 years in prison.
In three countries of the European Union , those who take advantage of minors are chemically castrated, according to law. Thus, in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, for those found guilty of pedophilia is that medical punishment, in addition to prison. In Germany, moreover, the pedophiles and microchiped.
Following some opinion polls in this sense,also the blogs, I realize that most of those who expressed an opinion are 100% agree with changing the law in this respect.
Romanian Parliament there is a projectfor the euthanasia of dogs, for many years, I wonder when they vote on the euthanasia project of pedophiles ?!

I believe that such measures should be taken after a certain period. However, this is about some tests that should be done before.Rape and murder happens everywhere, the same people, same sins,same things everywhere.
(Taking into account Romania’s judicial system, it can raise an important question: what happens if a judge finds the verdict wrong? How can recover that man? )
I agree that pedophiles do not respect human dignity! Neither rapists!The law [roject says chemical castration is not mandatory sentence, but a simple method of prevention of recurrence. Rape, pedophilia acts leave unhealed wounds push to suicide, serious dramas bring in families. Justice has a minimal role expiatory – it takes natural desire for revenge, institutionalized, it will not cause a chain type vendetta.Polish law is only preventive, not punitive.
Ministry of Justice is opposed, claiming that it violates human rights.

What I am indignant for is that no one talk about PREVENTION!

All these acts are taking place and because there is no real prevention against pedophiles and rapists, the family is not really protected, even if there are laws in this regard.
If they discuss the possibilities of prevention, public information and would take serious methods to protect the family, youth, children, these heinous acts would not reduce by itself, significantly?
I think the debate should begin here and only a last resort, if no other solution is found to resort to extreme methods!


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