Einstein’s theory, overturned?

An international team of scientists announced Thursday that for the first time, was the speed of light, which breaks down the fundamental theory of the Universe, launched in 1905 by Albert Einstein.
According to statements made ​​to Reuters by a spokesman for the team that participated in the tests, Antonio Ereditato, measurements made ​​for three years showed that particles called neutrinos, emitted at CERN in Geneva, who travel to the Italian underground laboratory Gran Sasso, have exceeded the 60 nanosecond speed of light.

“We have great confidence in our results. I checked again and again, so that measurement results have not been distorted by something, but I found nothing,” he said, adding that scientists are to make further checks independent .

If the results are confirmed, the discovery will break down Einstein’s theory, which says that the speed of light is a “space constant” and that nothing in the universe can travel faster than that.

Unexpected discovery was made after OPERA experiment, which consisted in sending repeated for three years, 15,000 of neutrinos at a distance of 730 kilometers, in laboratories in Italy, where he works 750 specialists from 22 countries. Neutrinos it took 60 nanoseconds to make this road less than expected.

Although this small difference, “the conceptual point of view is incredibly important,” said team spokesman involved in the experiment.

“I do not want to think about the implications yet,” he said. “We are working with scientists and what we know”.

Much of science fiction literature is based on the idea that if the barrier represented by the speed of light can be demolished, race, time travel is, at least theoretically possible.

Source : http://www.ziare.com


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