Angry that her mother left her, a girl of 11 years decided to starve to death!

A 11-year old girl from Arad – Romania decided to starve to death, angry that her mother left her.
The girl remained in the care of grandparents, who took her in a placement center. The child refused to eat and died after a few Months.
It is absolutely disturbing case of a child who has not received the attention of parents!
I believe that urgent measures be taken against parents of girls and parents all they do so!
Her mother came into the country, but after a month left, “disappointed” that her daughter refuses to eat and talk. (According to TV sources in Romania).
This is the result of children entrusted to others, while parents go to work abroad. As I wrote in a previous post, are at least several hundreds of thousands of such abandoned children in Romania who do not receive the care and attention of parents and even of the state ability institutions.
The way that this child has found the end is an extraordinary experience. The way she was treated is an unspeakable cruelty.


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