Re: About Institutions in Romania

I wanted to overlook a relatively recent event, but today I am extremely frustrated about how we are treated in Romania at certain times of the institutions which, presumably, are in the service of people.People whose money / taxes are paid all these institutions are sour.
About a month ago, my mother was ill and the family requested an ambulance.The first reaction of the ambulance dispatcher was to send my mother to the family doctor (8 km), under the cruel pain and might have the chance as the family doctor is not in cabinet.After many calls to send an ambulance.
At the request of explanations for this behavior,she chose to close the phone.
I asked the Ministry of Health a survey on this issue. Today I received the answer: the claim made ​​is not justified because there had been only two calls. First my family asked only medical “assistance” and the second call ,when the ambulance was sent.

And now comes my frustration. Here’s why:

1. Ambulance dispatchers are not medical personnel,they are only CALL OPERATORS,so…how can a call operator decide who deserves and who doesn’t deserve to be sent an ambulance ?!
2. How can an ambulance call operator send a patient to the family doctor ? How can he/she decide this ?!On what basis,if he/she is not a doctor ?!
3. Ministry of Health has asked local authorities investigate the case. Let’s face it, all working locally with each other and help each other, I can not expect a fair investigation. Already changed the basics of the case, the fact that some calls dare not recognised anymore, etc..That was the reason I did not complain to the local authorities but to the Ministry of Health,hoping THEY will investigate the matter.

And sure, now we can not do almost anything, given that neither I nor my family can not afford to investigate more closely the case, nor financially afford it. It will be just one of many “solved” cases,I guess …
I imagine that if I was any important family member in Romania, the case was immediately made ​​publicand investigation properly resolved.
In Romania, even if you did not work, you are obliged to pay a lot of money and services the health system is lacking.
If you do not pay health service money, not get even the family doctor (is my case).If I need a doctor now, I have no access to medical than cost.Jobs are not provided, but fees are charged.And to subscribe to a family doctor should be paid in a few years ago.
I wonder how to survive in these conditions?I wonder until when such methods will be practiced?When there will be real laws? When will enforce the laws for poor people too?
In Romania today, the poorer you are, the more bad you stay with health condition.The poor can not afford to go to the doctor … It’s about access to health.Romanian health system is sick, wasted money from the budget and does not provide assistance to the poor.

Poverty is a source of social marginalization, as depriving the individual of his fundamental rights and freedom to satisfy basic needs (from diet and hygiene to ensure a minimum level of access to health care) and social, including the ability to participate in community life, to join the public discussion, to participate in political decisions.After all, this lack of freedom prevents the development of personal potential, and thus harms including development of the society.
Between health and poverty there is a direct relationship and a vicious circle. Poverty cause malnutrition, limited access to care, increases vulnerability to individual risk factors or environmental.
A poor health reduces work productivity of the individual, it affects the quality of life, causing or perpetuating poverty eventually.

So it is obvious that a good health can prevent poverty, or at least is a way to avoid it.
In this case, why we are treated with such indifference and offended at every opportunity that arises ?!Why aren’t we respected the basic rights to life and a decent living?
When the real action will be taken in this regard?
So far everything is just a cheap propaganda!


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