REVOLTING: Romanians arrested in Paris for having iPhone

Two Romanians were arrested in Paris for having the iPhone, after a French phone was stolen while sitting on a terrace.

The victim said the robbers were two Romanians, one dressed in blue shirt and another in the white shirt.

The police, once announced, Constantine and Benjamin arrested, who were at the wrong time in wrong place.

Although the phone belongs to them and did not correspond profile thieves, the two were detained by police.

One of them told the Romans to shut up, that does not support the Romans.

“Shut your mouth! Not support the Romanians”, police said Constantine.

They were in the company of Georgiana, a friend of Constantine (34 years) studying at the Sorbonne, making a master’s degree in tourism.

woman was also arrested along with two and released after five hours.

Georgiana had become sarcastic with police when they learned that studying at the Sorbonne: “Studies at the Sorbonne? No way! Is another Sorbonne, the poor, for Romanian?”.

“They were detained only on the statement of the victim. Handsets belong to them. Moreover, these gentlemen do not meet the profile: Romania usually see them live in Montreuil, do not speak French and beg. Unfortunately others of the same nationality with you steal phones, and you’ve paid the consequences, “said lawyer accused of stealing two Romanians.

Theft has occurred on 3 June 2011. Constantine and Benjamin stayed in jail from Friday to Sunday. Were recalled but months to bring more acts to justify their presence in France is legal.

The process was delayed until September 9. When Constantine and Benjamin were the judges declared devinovati French.

Constantine, 34, is a bricklayer by profession and has managed to make a company in Paris. He was in France in 2007, and last year won the title of stay for ten years.

Benjamin is the entrepreneur and filed to obtain a residence title.

I think the French are going too far with these acts of chauvinism.I can not describe else their behaviour lately !
However given that recently released another Romanian that was closed in error, all in a robbery case, for several months.Struggle of the French Interior Minister against Romanian criminals already gets too large proportions and discriminatory.
French authorities have forgotten personalities who have brought many benefits and fame to France,such as Constantin Brancusi, Emil Cioran, Eugen Eonescu, engineer George Panculescu, Elvira Popescu and Tristan Tzara.


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