What’s with the World today ?

What’s with the World today ?!

There are so many problems. First and most important of all People want MONEY! POWER! So, they do horrible things like that. I think the punishments for crimes should be more severe. Back in the older days when people stole something THEY would CHOP OFF THE HAND! People aren’t afraid of police because in a few years those phsycos will be out again! I don’t think we are trying hard enough. And there is a lot of people out there who just don’t care. I think it’s hopeless to make the world a better place. Take 9/11 for example. Why did these terrorist do what they did? I have no idea. If they wanted money then why kill yourself? I also think that they way people act in adulthood is how they grew up. If some one grows up in a ghetto neighborhood there is a big chance that that person is going to be all gangster like. Then those crappy kids have kids of there own and screw them up too! I don’t either bother watching the news. Because there isn’t nothing good that ever happens. And it seems to me as if it’s getting worse and worse.
Another problem is that people are greedy and selfish….Plus, there are a lot of ppl on drugs who are mental. Also, nobody cares about anybody but themselves! Think of how much polution is caused but tobacco companies! And drug companies. They don’t care about ppl dying,they care about MONEY! This also reminds me of a saying “Children are the future” which is true. How u grew up is how you will grow your kids and what your kids grow up to be is all up to the parents. So if the parents screw up then those kids will be screwed up and THEY will screw up their kids! It’s a whole circle that won’t stop. Media has a big affect. Advertising sex, and drugs. I could go on forever about what’s wrong with people in this world…As I’m watching the news right now,I’m hearing the story (for how many times…? ) of a dead pop star in Romania…using some kind of drugs/poison,how people fight at a concert,a romanian youngman a young romanian living in Spain force his girlfriend to drink salt water every 15 minutes,and so…
Seriously, what the is wrong with these sick people? It makes me so mad but there’s nothing I can do about it. No matter how much we as people come together to stop violence and hate, there’s always those people out there that are a step ahead of us.
People in general are extremely short sighted. They want what is best for them in the short term, because in the long term, well, it’s not their problem because they won’t be around. We care about money, school admissions, material comforts, all because those are things that have an immediate impact on OUR lives. Who cares about the starving people who we have no connection to? Who cares about those who are freezing to death when we need to get the latest brand names? It is a sad sad outlook on life, but the truth does hurt.
Nothing is sacred anymore. No morals, no respect for anything or anyone. No manners, no class what so ever. In this world it seems like any thing goes anymore. There’s nothing spiritual in this world today. But, there is something we can all do about it. We can show one another respect, courtesy and kindness. And we can confront and deal with acts of violence, firmly and swiftly.


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