About a romanian sumptuous wedding…

Always existed and will exist lavish weddings,all around the world.

It was a year full of weddings of some famous characters.I remember the wedding of Prince William ,the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and others.

Of course,romanian celebrities could not be inferior.How could a rich shareholder of Dinamo football team be inferior to european royalties ?! So…Borcea scheduled the “wedding of the year”…I heard so often this term,that I will believe that is so.

The cost of wedding revolves around 1 million euros,some televisions have been messed up for exclusive pictures and went up in there that they rent helicopters.”Exclusivity” were summarized as follows:bridal gown cost 20,000 euros, Becali drank and then drove the car, 50-kg cake, et caetera.Obviously, I expect that television today pretend huge audiences to take “exclusive” set.

Yet, I became increasingly unclear who are the values ​​of society.In Romania today, where so many people starving, actually, in which ordinary people can not pay their living expenses, in which public policies are increasingly poor, the school the other day practically no longer exists, where we have abandoned childrenor used  in trafficking , so many beggars and crime rates rising, we are EU members, but some families living in the Middle Ages as … Well,in these times, the riches of Romania compete with the rich and fast and exhibitionism of foreign Princes.I do not know how he made his fortune… this gentleman, I do not know how big his property/wealth is, but I want to know what he does for the Romanian society, to which he exposes with such fast his wealth…It’s extreme opulence that these people show their wealth in front of so many poor people.

Everyone spends money as he wants, but common sense and decency is defining for each of them.When Romanians will have same life as Britains or Monaco’s people,Our riches will have the right to manifest as foreign princes or other rich people in the world.

Not to mention the role that media and especially televisions should have as part of the society forming opinions…

Where are the moral models of Romanian society?How will tomorrow look like people of Romania?


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